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Expressive arts and design activity

Expressive Arts and Design activity – Printing with a balloon


You will need:

A balloon


Blue paint

Green paint

Two bowls or paper plates to squirt paint in/on


Blow up a balloon and fasten it.


Next, squirt some blue paint into a bowl and some green paint into a bowl.


Then, dip the balloon into each of the paints.


After that, press the balloon down onto the paper to see your planet Earth printing!


No Mess Painting in a Bag Earth


To create our No Mess Earth Day Painting, you will need:

- white paper plates

- large plastic zippy bags 

- green and blue paint



First squirt a bit of green and blue paint on your child’s plate.


Then place the plate inside the bag and seal it.


After that, move the paint around the plate using both hands. (This is good mine motor skills practice!)


Then, once the whole plate is covered in paint carefully remove it from the bag to let it air dry.