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Welcome to Design and Technology

Hello and welcome to the Design and Technology page. Here you will see some brilliant examples of work completed by the children from early years all the way up to year 6. The work will include the following areas of Design and Technology:

Cooking and nutrition




Use of Materials

We hope that you will enjoy seeing some of the children's brilliant work.


During the learning adventure all about bears the children came to school to find that someone had trashed the home corner! The children found lots of clues that led them to believe it was Goldilocks! The children then listened to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and thought it would be nice to make some more porridge for baby bear!

We couldn't resist tasting it ourselves either! It was very yummy!

Year 2

In Year 2 we made slime bots for Professor von Evil, as part of our Saving the Day topic. First the children worked in pairs to design their slime bots, thinking carefully about the suitability of the materials available and about the key features needed. They then followed their designs to create the slime bots using junk modelling.


This week Year 1 have been adding the final parts to our castles and we have been using a collage technique to create a moat that runs underneath our drawbridge.  We have worked hard creating our castles for the wizard and we are ready to evaluate them next week. Well done!


This week in DT the children have been continuing the ‘making’ stage of their castles ready to give to the wizard. This week the children focused on creating a curtain wall using A4 card and scissors. First, the children had to measure the size of their wall against the size of their castle. Then, they had to cut a wall effect using the scissors. Finally, they had to glue it in place. The children had to problem solve the best way to fit the curtain wall in place behind their dowel rods and bobbins. It was quite tricky but we all managed it. Fantastic work Year 1!


This week in DT the children started to paint the outside of their castle. First we looked at pictures of castles and spoke about appropriate colours and then we used a range of large brushes and sponges to cover the outside of our castles with paint. We decided to put glue into the paint to ensure that it stuck to the shiny shoe boxes. Great team work!

Year 1SP

Over the last few weeks in DT, the children have been designing a new castle for the wizard. We decided as a class that we would include a moving part/element within the design. This part will be the drawbridge. The children thought about the materials they would need and they experimented with different methods that they could use. On Friday this week, we invited the children's parents in to help them to begin to create their designs and every child produced the base of the castle with a drawbridge that moved using bobbins and dowels. We had such good fun and it was lovely to see the children learning with their parents. Well done Year 1!



RLS really enjoyed making some bear toast this week. The children were able to design their bear using fruit. The children worked with a grown up and discussed the importance of a healthy balanced diet, as well as how to use the toaster and knives safely. 
RLS have been busy making sandwiches in preparation for our Teddy Bears Picnic. We were given a choice between ham, cheese or jam for our filling and were able to cut our sandwiches into bear shapes!



We enjoyed making our own Iron Age roundhouses from playdoh and art straws!

It took a lot of skills, like planning, resilience, and problem solving but in the end we had created enough houses for our very own village!

4EB'S Roundhouse Village

Year 5

Year 5 have been busy making moon buggies this half term. They had to follow a set of instructions to make their vehicle move.