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Down the River - Spring 2




This half term we are going on an adventure through rivers, while focusing on our geography topic for our learning. We will be looking at Rivers and the different parts of the river, as well as imagining the life of animals within it, and its important place as an ecosystem. Through a geography lens, but imaginative writing and experience, the children will be immersed in the river and all it has to offer.

This half term, we will be looking at the River through exploring the text of 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Graham. This 100+ year old text is a literary classic about river life and some beautifully written characters experiencing the world and going on an adventure. Through going to the river bank and experiencing the river and its inhabitants for the first time, through Mole's eyes, we will be getting involved in adventures to the Wild Woods, experiencing the River for the first time, selling a house and helping a friend, (Mr. Toad) who is wrongfully accused for court.

Creative Context Day

This creative context day, we made our classroom look like the lovely river bank setting that the Wind in the Willows characters are so fond of. Through creating dragon flies, our four main characters and painting the classroom windows, we immersed ourselves within the narrative. 

Have a look around the classroom and the work we did to make it look this way.


Chapter One in Wind in the Willows


Reading chapter one of the book, we experienced the river for the first time, through Mole's eyes. We decided to also experience the day Mole had and recreate it through drama, with the spring cleaning, digging through the mud, seeing the river and meeting Rat as well as going on a lovely boat ride. The children had an amazing time and here are some pictures of the children doing some drama around the chapter while outside enjoying the glorious and surprising winter sun.

Different Reading Lessons


This half term we have decided to try different types of reading lessons to engage the c children in different ways. One of the ways we have done this is by looking at a script as a comprehension piece and getting the children to act it out to thoroughly understand the writing style and its implications on the understanding of the piece of writing. Here the children are acting out a scene from 'Johnny and the Dead' a screen play by Philip Pullman that children really enjoyed acting out and reading.




Parental Involvement 


For our parental involvement this half term, we decided to take advantage of the lovely winter sun and invite parents to come and create river systems with chalk outside on the school playground. This week we had already been looking at the different features of the river and their definitions, and we asked parents to grab a chalk and help the class to make detailed diagrams with definitions and labels. A great morning was had and everyone took part and learnt something!



This half term we got to experience World Book Day with a twist. As a school we decided to focus on creating potatoes that we decorated as our favourite book character and had a whole day of fun activities around it. Here are some pictures of the activities we took part in and our classes potato.

Our Class Winner!