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Down The River - Spring 1

Welcome back! After a long and relaxing break, we are back and looking at a fantastic new learning adventure - Down the River. Join us in the journey while we travel down the meanders and courses of the river, while reading a brilliant book from the childrens' literary canon - Wind in the Willows.

Here's how our classroom looks:

We have done so many pieces of exciting writing this half term, following the adventures of Ratty, Toad, Mole and Badger in Wind in the Willows. Have a read of some of their exciting work below.

Examples of our exciting writing

The Wild Woods

Still image for this video
As part of our writing, we had an imagineering adventure into the Wild Woods. Here is a sound scape the children created around the Wild Woods. You can read a recount of it above as well.

Properties of Materials

Science - Properties of Materials


This half term, we are beginning the adventure of a terms investigation into properties of materials. We have looked at what properties of materials are, and how to sort and organise materials in a variety of ways. We have also shown our inner scientist and done a variety of experiments, comparing materials and how their properties make them more or less useful. 


Above are some examples of their work. You can see where we have made mind maps, starting off with what we already knew about properties of materials, and then how their half termly work has progressed. 


They were able to sort materials using a Venn Diagram, follow out a child led experiment looking at the absorbancy of materials and why they are useful to clean, and also looked at electrical conductors and insulators. They have also been able to apply their knowledge and show an understanding in real life scenario questions, also shown above. 


Overall, they have been incredibly impressive and have a fantastic understanding of properties of materials so far. This sets a good foundation for the next half term where we look at deepening their understanding further.

French - Les Instruments


This half term, we have been learning about instruments, how they sound, what they are in french, and how to say what we play and ask each other. The children have really enjoyed being able to pick out the sound of an instrument and say it in french, and having conversations about it.

Here is how the conversation would go:


De quel instrument jouez-vous ? - What instrument do you play?

Je joue de/du/ .... - I play the ...

et toi? 


Here are some examples of their worksheets, showing an example of their instrument vocabulary, puzzle solving and a listening practice, where they matched the sound of the instrument with the picture.



Les Instruments

Geography - River Systems


This half term, we have been looking at River Systems, and how they are used and polluted. It has been incredibly interesting and the children have learnt so much about the cycle of the river and how we affect it. Here are some examples of their work. We have looked at canals, compared the River Aire (our local river) to the Amazon River, labelled and learnt about the key features of each part of the river courses (Higher, Middle and Lower) and finally we have looked at pollution and how it affects our rivers. 

Geography - River Systems

RE - Sikhism and learning from its stories

Re - Sikhism and learning from its stories


This half term, we have looked at the stories and teachings within Sikhism and the morals of these stories. Stories are an important part of religion as they are how morals and values within a religion come across and stay remembered within practice. After looking at a variety of stories, the children created this 'mind map like' display of the key words and values taught within the stories. Here, they have shown the stories: 'The jasmine milk and lotus flower' and 'the silver needle'. 

The Sikh stories of The Milk and the Jasmine Flower and Duni Chand and the Silver Needle