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Deep in the Rainforest - Autumn 2

Deep in the Rainforest

This half term we will be going on an adventure 'deep in the rainforest' looking at the Amazon and Brazil and their incredible diverse culture. Through mapping the river and looking at issues such as deforestation and issues affecting local indigenous tribes, we will be exploring the Amazon and all it has to offer. 


This half term will explored through the lens of the book 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson, following Maia as she explored Manaus and the Amazon.

We have also been extremely fortunate to have Alive and Kicking Theatre Company coming into school for a day and a half drama and writing workshop.

In our workshop, we created the Eagle Mountain tribe and decided on our historical memories, built a cairn, created a chant and elected our leaders. We completely immersed ourselves into the roles within the tribe and it allowed us to write about some incredibly engaging memories!


Creating the Classroom


We started this half term off with a bang, creating and learning about lots of incredible things in the rainforest, and making our classroom an immersive experience. 

Rainforest Soundscape

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we created a soundscape of the rainforest, where each table was a different type of animal or sound. Everything you hear is children made. No music in the background! Isn't it great!

In science, we have started by looking at flowers and how they reproduce. The class have made some incredible diagrams labelling all the different parts, after our lesson, that now look great around the classroom!

After looking at the Rainforest and experiencing it in our classroom, we wrote a setting description of the Amazon. Here is some of our work.

Our Rainforest Descriptions

Alive and Kicking - Day 1


First day of Alive and Kicking and the class have been introduced to the narrative we will be immersed in, that we are the Eagle tribe in Brazil and that the Amazon Rainforest is our home. The children had a fantastic day fueled by drama, that was great fun and incredibly interactive. We built a cairn, and took responsibility for it individually, we told stories of the memories of the Eagle Mountain tribe, and showed what our daily life was like through drama roleplay and freeze frames. The children worked incredibly hard and the work they have produced was incredible! 

Building our cairn

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Here we were building our cairn, and you can see how invested we all were in its building and placing of each rock.

Our Tribal Chant

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During our drama workshop with Alive and Kicking, we created our tribal chant. Here is the class performing it.

Be Strong, be brave, never lose the fight.

Be strong, be brave, never let the enemy bite.

We have all had loss, we were nearly done.

So stay determined, don't give in, be the one!


Be happy, be helpful and always be wealthy.

There are people who need help for our tribe to stay healthy.

Our tribe is part mountain, our tribe is part tree,

Our tribe is part river, the eternal river sea!

Writing based on Alive and Kicking drama workshop


From the Alive and Kicking workshop, we have created some incredible pieces of writing. Here are some examples of the work they have produced, such as memory recounts, a day in the life of the Eagle Tribe and creating a third verse for our tribal chant.