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This week we have been exploring ‘Purple Mash’ in Computing. First we learnt how to log on to the program safely and then we were able to use the programme to paint our own picture using the paint project. We also learnt how to change the pen size and colour, how to type our name on to our work and how to save the document into my files.

6NW- 'We are app planners' 


We have really enjoyed computing this term. We have been designing our very own apps! We have planned our app and then began to create an advert for the app store. 

2SD Exploring Purple Mash!


This week in Year 1 have continued to explore how to use the programme 'Paint'. Rather than just mark making with the different effects we could create,  we tried to draw an illustration from the story 'Sleeping Beauty'. The children also continued to practise saving their work on pupil share. 


Our Computing topic is We Are Astronauts. We used beebots to think about how to write a computer program and then moved on to Scratch. The children have had a lot of fun using Scratch to different backgrounds. 


In year 1 the children have been exploring how to use the programme paint. They have use a range of tools to mark make and start to create images. They have started to save their learning. Well done year 1!


This week in Year 1 we have been exploring how to use the programme 'Paint'. We learnt how to select and use painting tools to create and changes images on the laptop. We spent a lot of time mark making and exploring the different things that we could do. We also learnt how to save our work on Pupil Share. 


This week the children have been learning how to log on to a school laptop and they have been learning how to search for information on the internet. The children worked with the search engine ‘Google’ and they used they keyboard to search for an image of the Royal Family. The children loved exploring with the cursor and typing on the keyboard. They were amazed with all of the different images that they could find.


This week we also new project about the Iron Age. We used the internet to search for information to use in a PowerPoint presentation. We started by learning how to open a new presentation then learned how to make new slides and add text. 

3LB have been looking at the programme "Scratch". They have been looking at the different elements of the programme and how it works. 3LB then followed some algorithms to make different shapes. We looked at how the shape could get bigger or smaller. The children found that this sometimes could get quite difficult but persevered with it and completed some great work! We then looked at some codes that needed de-bugging. We had to read the code and work out what was going wrong! The children were excellent de-buggers! Well done 3LB.