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Boggarts Year 6

We were very lucky to work with the theatre company Alive and Kicking. We spent some time creating our own Boggarts- these are mythical creatures that live in a variety of different places such as canals, cupboards, woodlands, parks and abandoned buildings. We then used the Boggarts in a story which we are in the process of writing. Once we have completed our stories we will upload some to the website so make sure you visit this page soon!

Boggart creations and story planning

At the start of the week, 6LJ were visited by Martin (from Alive and Kicking) who wowed all of us with his entertaining stories. He then explained how most scary stories follow a similar structure and gave multiple examples of this. Using the children's experiences, he helped each child to create their very own boggart (an evil or mischievous spirit), its environment (a dangerous place) and a deep desire or want of the boggart; the outcomes were fantastic!  


The following day, in class, the children planned their stories considering who their two child characters would be, an adult that would be looking after them and warn them not to go to the dangerous place, the setting description of the dangerous place, the encounter with the boggart, a twist and the ending.


We're so excited for the editing sessions we will be having shortly, where parents are invited to take part in their children's learning experience.

Boggart Creation Process

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We drew our boggarts, labelled them and then discussed what we'd created with Martin and the class.

Creating Boggarts

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