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Baaaa Ram Ewe


This half term we are learning about the UK and reading the Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith. The children started off the half term turning our classroom into a farm. From there, they have been fully immersed on being on the farm and knowing what life would be like! Check out our classroom to see what we have been up to.

The children have all visited farms so we were excellent at working out what it would be like to visit a farm. The children turned the classroom into the farm and then created a soundscape of what it would sound like on a farm. The children then wrote some brilliant setting descriptions from this!  

The children have previously used 4 figure grid references. They completed some orienteering where they used clues to help them work out where the next clue would be. They then marked it on their map. The children were fantastic at using the birds eye view map to help them.   

The children love writing play scripts! As a class we wrote play scripts about what it would have been like to meet the other animals on the farm. The children knew that the animals were not very nice to Babe so they portrayed this in their play script.    

The children were chosen to have a go at Sheep dog trials. They had to make sure they turned into sheep dogs, learn the commands and have a go at moving the sheep into the pen. The children were fantastic sheep dogs and then wrote instructions to tell others how to be better sheep dogs.     

We turned our classroom into a countryside and a city. We then went around the two on a tour. The children had to think about the similarities and differences of the two and wrote a comparison piece of writing.