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Autumn Term

Gifted Greeks!


This term we have been learning about the Gifted Greeks. Myself and Miss Wood had a wonderful time planning and realising how many amazing projects we could do this term about both Ancient and current Greece. 

As you can see, our classroom has taken an amazing transformation, filling the class with the children's amazing work. 



Classroom Transformation

Holiday to Greece!


We explored the Greek islands by travelling on our plane across Europe. We had our wonderful pilot and co-pilot taking us on the journey whilst the attendants served us some lovely beverages. The children had a wonderful time and even wrote postcards home about their wonderful adventure.

The children have also been working very hard on the other work in the classroom. We also have our own book full of biographies containing lots of interesting facts about current Olympians.

As well as this, the children have been producing posters to persuade Perseus to use their tool in the fight against Medusa, story boards based on their Greek myths and producing settings based on Medusa's cave. We have enjoyed studying different Greek myths, designing our own heroes and beast and even writing our own stories after an email from Hera, the goddess of Olympus, asking for our help.

I am already so impressed with the children's efforts with their homework this term. Thank you for the support that you provide and I'm looking forward to seeing what will be produced next term.
At the end of our topic we showcased all our fantastic creations at our Year 4 Greek day and would like to thank you all for come along to join in with our food tasting, mini Olympics and other activities all planned by the children. This topic will included writing, PE, Geography, History, D&T and Art.


Thank you for attending our dance at the end of the first half-term. I am sure you were as proud as we were to see how hard all the children had worked and the fantastic performance which happened. Unfortunately, due being busy watching the performance we didn't get any photos! Please do pass any our way so that family members and friends who could not attend can have a look.