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Autumn Term 1

Journey to the River Sea

Creative Context Day
Our text for this half term is Journey to the River Sea. On our first day back, we spent a lot of time looking at the opening of the book and imagining what a rainforest would look like. We researched animals and helped create our class entrance and a display to add work to.
Here is our Rainforest display. The work displayed on it are postcards that we wrote, pretending to be Maia. We spent a whole lesson thinking about her journey from London all the way to the Amazon River. It was fun pretending to be on a plane, a cruise ship and a river boat.
Postcards from the Amazon
Maia's Diary Entry
Following our postcards, we explored the story a little more until Maia reached her destination. Still writing in the 1st person, we imagined what Maia may have written in the diary the day she arrived in Manaus. Here are some examples and a timeline we used to help plot her journey again.
Tropical Rainforest Smoothies
We decided it was time to introduce some food into year 6, so we thought about what type of fruit would come from a rainforest. We made a list and decided to make tropical smoothies. Following making them, we wrote up a set of instructions for someone else to follow. Below are a couple of examples. We hope you notice how neat they are.
Imagineering (Setting Description Planning)
Using Imagineering, we listened to sounds from the Amazon whilst our eyes we closed and then wrote down on post it notes what we would have seen, heard and smelt if we were right in the heart of the rainforest. Here are a couple of images of us placing our items and objects around the room, followed by a couple of examples of our work. You may notice Mr Robins also wanted us to add some adjectives to describe our things and verbs to explain what they may be doing.
Maths - No Problem!

We have started a new, exciting maths scheme in school, called Maths No Problem and we love it! We get to work with a partner for the majority of the lesson and talk to each other to help us understand what we are learning about. We also get to use equipment that helps us understand place value, number sequences and properties of numbers.

Below is from a lesson where we had to continue number sequences by adding or subtracting the same number each time - up to 1000!

Journey to the River Sea - Class Display

We have been extremely busy this term, writing a wide range of texts, some of which you have seen above.

Below is our class display that brings together just a small sample of our work.

It includes our postcards and letters that we wrote as Maia, our setting descriptions of the Amazon Rainforest, non-chronological reports about minibeasts and wanted posters for a missing boy.