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This half term is going to be awesome!!


Our topic is 'What's Out There?' and we'll be exploring all things related to space and the planets, including making our own rockets and inventing our own planets, researching the moon landing, writing space poetry and investigating why we have day and night.  This will culminate in a 'Space Tour' for our parents to come and see at the end of the half term.   



We began our topic by going to space!  We researched a shuttle launch and then went on our own.  Check out the pictures below!
As usual, we've been busy in our maths lessons.  Here we're learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 and even 10 000.

In our computing lessons we have been learning about various codes.  We have learned some semaphore and we have looked at the binary code used by computers.  Here we are using the laptops to help us to decipher morse code:



Check out our planet mobiles!


We have been learning about the different phases of the moon.  We know that one half of the moon is always lit by the sun and we see different shapes of the lit half throughout the month.