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Autumn 2- Polar Adventures

This half term we are going to voyage into the cold and enjoy learning based around polar adventures. It’s going to be BRRRRilliant.

Our first visitor of Autumn 2.

This week in Year 1, Nurse Sharron came to visit. She shared with the children how to correctly wash their hands and how to stay hygienic. She shared vital information of who to call in an emergency and spoke about different medicine the children could take if they were injured. She also discussed fire safety to prepare them for Bonfire night. The children really enjoyed their visit from a Nurse. 

Describing snow.

This week in Year 1, the children have been learning about 'adjectives' and thought up creative words to describe snow. The children started off their learning, by embarking on a snowy trip to Antartica, before describing what the snow looked and felt like. 

Winter activities are FUN.

This week in writing the children discussed different activities you can do in the season of winter, especially when it snows.  The children started their learning by looking at a video of fun things to do on a snow day, the children were really excited and asked for a snow day soon!


In writing this week we used Talk4Writing to retell the story Lost and Found. We worked as a class to draw a story map, remembering the important parts of the story and using pictures and key words to write down what happened. Then we used drama to retell the story in small groups.

Creating our own story maps!

This week in writing, we used our story map and our knowledge of time connectives to write a recount of the story Lost and Found! The children enjoyed recapping their story map and using the Talk4Writing actions to help them remember what came next. Well done Year 1. 

We can use time connectives in our stories in Year 1!


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