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Autumn 2: Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!


We hope you had a lovely half term and are looking forward to our new learning adventure.


This half term our learning adventure is Fire! Fire! We will be learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We will be looking at, and writing our own Bonfire Poetry.

We listened to some bonfire music and pretended to be fireworks, moving around in different ways to help us create our Bonfire poems.


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We have learnt about Guy Fawkes. We put on our Imagineering caps and pretended that we were Guy Fawkes. We took our lanterns and crept into the cellar at the Houses of Parliament and we looked around for the best place to put and light our gunpowder. Suddenly one of the Kings guards burst in and caught us. He said that we would be imprisoned!!!

We have looked carefully at different pictures of Guy Fawkes and we have talked about the different clothes that he wears. We have used expanded noun phrases and commas to write about his clothes.

We listened to the story of a young girl who had to leave her house due to the Great Fire of London. We thought about how she might have felt and then we worked in groups to 'freeze frame' different parts of the story showing our feelings. We then wrote our own diary entry about our experience of the Great Fire of London.

Someone knocked on the door to tell us we had to leave our house. 
I packed away all my precious belongings.
I put all my belongings onto a hand cart.
I walked through London with my family. There were lots of people screaming and shouting.
I lost my family in the crowd and had to look for them. I shouted but they couldn't hear me.
Eventually I was reunited with them. I was so happy.
I went to my Uncles house and stayed there until my house was rebuilt. I was worried about living in a different house. 

In Maths, we have been learning about the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have learnt that we can use an array to help us work out the answer to problems involving multiplication.

Ten Times Table Workout

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In History, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London and looking at life from the past. We will learn about how this significant event has changed fire safety equipment. We will have a special visitor who will talk to us about their life as a child and we will learn about the types of toys they played with and how they celebrated Christmas. We will also be making some of our own ‘toys from the past.’

In Art, we will be studying paintings from the Great Fire of London and using these to create our own giant collage of London. We will use different techniques to create our collage such as chalk drawings and charcoal.   

We will be looking carefully at fire fighting equipment and we will learn about wheels and axles in order to design and build our own fire engines. We will also be making our own Victorian style Christmas cards.   

In Science, we will be learning about how animals grow and change. We will look at the life cycle of different animals and find out about their basic needs and how they survive.   

We went on a school trip to Skelton Grange to learn about how the Victorians introduced Christmas. We made our own Christmas crackers and Christmas cards, then we learnt about different parlour games the Victorians played at Christmas including; Look around, Pass the Slipper, Kim’s game and Shadows.

We will also be preparing for our Christmas show and look forward to seeing you all there!!   

To find out more about what we have been up to, please visit the subject pages which can be found on the Children tab under Wider Curriculum 😊