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Autumn 2

Queen Victoria's Reign

2SL are looking forward to starting their new Learning Adventure.

We will be helping Queen Victoria with some big problems and finding out about other important people. How did the Victorian's celebrate Christmas? There is only one way to find out!

We sewed some beautiful bloomers for the Queen during DT with Mrs Webster. We also wrote recipes and made Victoria Sponge cake to eat at our Victorian Tea Party.

Our Visit from Florence Nightingale

We had a special visit today from Florence Nightingale. She told us all about the terrible day she had in the hospital and how easily the germs spread because of the conditions. We wrote emotive diary entries in role as Florence Nightingale using super description, noun phrases and feelings words. 

How does a sneeze travel? How do germs spread?

Queen Victoria's Christmas

Queen Victoria and Prince Charles needed some help! They didn't know how to celebrate Christmas. We made Victorian Christmas cards and crackers and learnt lots about Victorian traditions for our performance to parents. We hope you enjoyed listening to the Christmas Carols too!