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Autumn 2


We went outside this morning as part of our Literacy lesson to look for signs of winter. It was a very good morning to see this!! We used our knowledge of what we had seen in  autumn to compare the differences and see what has changed. We spotted lots of frost, crunchy grass, trees without leaves and evergreen trees.

The children took photographs of different aspects of winter that they saw.

We came back to the classroom and wrote about the things that we saw.

Ice. Frost. Leaves on the floor.
Frost. Trees. Evergreen.



This week it is Tree Dressing Week! This is when we think about why trees are important and why we need to look after them. We watched some videos about trees together and talked about what we like about trees. Then we went in to the Reception outdoor area to see the trees that we have. Some of the children independently went to hug the trees and the rest of the class joined in!

We then got to action with dressing the trees. This involved cutting lengths of ribbon and wool. The children enjoyed drawing on the ribbon and writing their names. They then chose a branch or the trunk of the tree to tie their ribbon on (with some help).
Afterwards we stood back and looked at the trees and all agreed how beautiful they looked.


Today we actually did some planting outside! We split in to two groups - some children planted broad bean seeds in the raised bed and the other group filled up a planter in the Reception playground with soil and planted wild flower seeds in it. We want to encourage lots of insects to visit us next spring and summer! We also planted some pea seeds in pots ready to plant in the raised bed next year.

Digging over the raised bed (and finding more worms!)

Looking at the bean seeds

Planting the bean seeds and then covering them up with soil

Planting the wild flower seeds


This afternoon we went to the raised beds. Our first job was to choose which was going to be our one. We did this by all choosing and seeing which bed had the most people! Once we had chosen it we got to work digging it over and getting rid of weeds and stones. All the children had a turn at digging. Even though it was such a cold day the soil was not cold. We managed to find a few worms as we dug the soil which we were pleased to see. We shall be planting some seeds very soon now the soil is ready.

When we got back to the classroom we planted some broad bean seeds in a special container so that we can watch it grow. We also collected some berries and tree seeds from the trees in the Reception outdoor area and have planted them too to see if they will grow. Fingers crossed!!


Today we went outside again and explored the playground field some more. Some children decided to collect leaves to make pictures with when they came inside. Other children wanted to climb on the tyres and some of us enjoyed running across the field to the other side!

We also went to look at the raised beds in preperation for us to start digging and then planting. We noticed a sunflower that we had seen before. The wind had blown it over and something had been eating it.

Finally, we loved splashing in the puddles as we walked around the playgrounds!


This week we went outside and took some photographs to show signs of autumn.

We then had a rocket experiment. We looked at an alka-seltzer tablet and what happened to it when water was added. Then we watched as Miss Bushrod put a tablet in a rocket tube, added water and then put the lid on the tube. After a short time the rocket shot up in the air. We repeated the experiment and then did it with two rockets - one went off quicker than the other. Finally we tried one rocket with a tablet and one without. We predicted that the one without the tablet would not do anything and we were correct!

Watching the first rocket

Still image for this video

The children's reaction!

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