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Autumn 2

This half term we are looking at the Minpins.

This was Roald Dahl's final book and is about a boy called Little Billy. He goes into the Forest of Sin and meets a group of tiny people called the minpins! They help him when he comes across the Red Hot Smoke Belching Gruncher!

At the start of the book, Billy is faced with a difficult dilemma. Should he go into the dangerous Forest of Sin? Or stay at home safe with his mum even though he is bored? We did a conscious alley. One side of the alley was telling Billy to go into the forest and the other side told him to stay home.




We designed some creatures that we might find in the book but they escaped!! And they destroyed our classroom!



We created some wanted posters for our monsters so that hopefully people will find them and stop them destroying the school!