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Autumn 2

Remembering Ms Franklin with beautiful sunflowers.

This half term, every child from nursery to year 6 created a beautiful sunflower in memory of Ms Franklin. The children had the opportunity to reflect and share memories. They were encouraged to use a variety of art materials to make their sunflowers. The sunflowers are on display in the main school hall. Do come in and see them. They are bold and beautiful! 

Year 5 

Year 5 have been learning about the artists Jackson Pollock and Peter Thorpe this half term. They have practised using controlled splatter painting to create textured space backgrounds using lots of different colours. Next, they created their own compositions which incorporated planets and rockets. The children had the opportunity to use lots of different art materials including paint, oil and chalk pastels to create their final space compositions. 

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Arctic adventures this half term. They had access to lots of images of Polar Bears and researched this animal before they started to create some Polar Bear paintings. The children were encouraged to look at how a Polar Bear moves and its behaviours and they had a go at drawing Polar Bears in many different poses in their sketchbooks. Finally, the children created some beautiful paintings of Polar Bears using sponges, paint and a little bit of charcoal.