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Autumn 2


This half term we will be basing our learning on the book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. This is a magical and very exciting topic that I am sure we are going to enjoy. The children will get the chance the experience a day at Hogwarts by making their own potions and spells and playing a game of quidditch. We will also be going on a trip to Harry Potter World to learn about the magic behind the films. Keep visiting this page to stay up to date with all the exciting things we are doing! 

Our Classroom Environment

Wider Curriculum Learning 


In Science we are learning about Evolution and Inheritance. In our first lesson we learnt about a process called fossilisation. This happens when an organism dies. The soft parts like fat and muscle rot away and the bones are left behind. Over millions of years, sediment builds up on top of the skeleton which begins to absorb water and dissolve. This leaves a mould in the ground which is later filled with rock leaving behind a fossil. 


We created our own fossils and we can't wait to excavate them to find out if we have been successful! 


We have had lots of fun in Maths so far this half term. We have worked really hard to solve a range of problems to find our way through an escape room style box. 


We have also been using nets to make our very own 3d shapes. 


In Art we have been sketching different landmarks in London. We have been looking at different types of lines and we have been using shading to add detail and depth to our pictures. We are really looking forward to seeing some of these buildings on our trip to London soon! 


In PSHE we have been learning about the life cycle of a baby right from the moment is conceived up to the birth of a baby. We have also created a poems giving first time parents advice on how to care for a new born baby.  


In R.E. we have been exploring the reasons why Mary was chosen to Jesus' mother. We have also found out about some of the values that are important to Christians. 


In computing we are learning about how to stay safe online. We have created our own games linked to online safety. In our games we made avatars that had to move around a maze to collect things that keep us safe online. We also included things which were dangers online which meant you lost points. 


Also we have looked at a range of peoples online profiles to decide if they were displaying too much personal information and the problems this may cause.