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Autumn 2

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Room on the Broom





This adventure we are learning about:


· Numbers 7-9: how they are made, one more and one less   and doubling, halving and sharing with these numbers


· Ordering objects


· How to write a character description


· Rhyming words


· How to write an invitation to a party


· Marble webbing


· Collaging a witches hat


· Making a magic wand


· Different people and their communities and how we

celebrate Halloween


·  Science experiments – observing change


· Patterns


We have used Numicon to work out which two numbers added together make 9

Look at all the different ways we have made 8 using resources from around the classroom

In maths we made 10 spooky ghost cups and then stacked them up. We had to try to knock them down. Once we had our turn we then recorded how many we had knocked over on a tens frame. The children really enjoyed taking part, recording, sharing the resources and then setting the cups back up again.

This week you have been constructing in the outdoor area. You were using various different construction materials to build a sleigh for Father Christmas. You decided that it was important to make sure that the sleigh was very big so that all of the presents could fit in it and you also decided that it would need a seat for Father Christmas to sit on.