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Autumn 2

The Minpins

In writing this half term we have been reading 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl. The children have really enjoyed the book and have produced some great pieces of writing. The book tells the story of a young boy named Billy who wanders into a creepy, dark forest one day. Billy meets some small people named Minpins who live on the branches of the tree. He must help them defeat the evil creature named the Gruncher, who haunts the forest. This week we have been rewriting the story and trying to use inverted commas and expanded noun phrases in our writing!


Roaming Romans

In history this half term, we have been learning about the Romans. We have been looking at the gladiators, Boudicca and have been focusing on our chronological skills to order events in the Roman era. The children have produced some fantastic work! They have enjoyed creating their own Roman mosaics and are in the process of making their own Roman sashes in DT. The children are now working hard on their group projects which we will be presenting next week!

Super Science!

This half term we are looking at Animals including Humans. We have looked at different animals and how we to group them according to their species. We have looked at a healthy diet and what 'nutritious' and 'balanced' mean. They have enjoyed various investigations and experiments to explore how the human body works. 

ICT - Online Safety

In ICT, we have been looking at how to stay safe online. We have been making our own spoof webpages to understand how easy it is to trick people online. This also helped us to understand what websites we should trust on the internet. The children have showed some fantastic understanding during our class discussions. Additionally, we have looked at what a password is, and how to make sure we use strong passwords. Below is a list of all the different websites and games we need passwords for!


PSHE - Bullying

In PSHE, we have been learning about bullying and how to deal with different situations involving conflict. We have looked at different scenarios and decided what we would do in each one. We have also looked at the different types of bullying and made anti bullying posters to be displayed around school.