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Autumn 2

We would like to welcome all our children back after our half term break. We hope that you have all had a lovely time and that the children are ready to do lots of exciting things.

There is lots to celebrate this half term with Bonfire Night and then of course Christmas! The children will also be preparing for our Christmas concert with Reception.

Our learning adventure this half term will be based on witches, wizards, and magic. The children will make their own witch’s hat and magic wand to use as they create their own spooky potions and magic spells!

Current Topic

Witches and Wizards


This half term we are learning about:

  • Ordering objects by length
  • Making comparisons between quantities of objects in cauldrons and saying which has more or fewer
  • Exploring what happens to a quantity when ingredients are added or taken away
  • Empty and full containers
  • How to draw part of a witch
  • How to make patterns 
  • How to make potions and spells
  • How to make a magic wand
  • Collaging a witch’s hat
  • Marble webbing
  • How to make colour mixing potions
  • How to instruct a programmable toy to move
  • What Christmas is and the story of the Nativity
  • How to write letters to Santa


Books we will be reading this half term:

  • Room on the Broom
  • Funnybones
  • Meg and Mog
  • Other Meg and Mog stories


You can help at home by:

  • Talking to your child about long and short objects
  • Looking at containers that are empty and containers that are full around the home
  • Helping your child to identify different colours
  • Helping your child to identify their name and attempt to write it
  • Helping your child to compare two quantities of objects and say which one has more or fewer
  • Identifying numbers on the phone, on doors or in magazines
  • Reading a variety of books to your child
  • Looking at photos of past family celebrations and talking about them

Week 1 - Bonfire Night celebrations


This week the children were very excited that it was Bonfire Night! They learned all about Guy Fawkes and why he is an important historical person and had lots of fun making their own Guy by stuffing newspaper into some old clothes and boots and drawing their own faces on a paper plate!


The children also made their own sparklers by joining strips of cellophane and tinsel to an art straw and enjoyed making large shapes and patterns in the air with it.


All of the children were keen to talk about their own Bonfire Night experiences and retold events of what they did, what they saw, heard, smelt and felt on Bonfire Night with each other in their key worker groups. The children used their imaginations to go to a large display, rubbing their hands to keep warm around the bonfire in the middle of the classroom carpet and watching the display on the IWB. The children were keen to join in too, swirling and spiralling around the carpet like different fireworks. Some children attempted to make the sounds of the different fireworks with their own bodies, voices and a range of musical instruments.


The children also created their own firework pictures on the IWB practising selecting colours of their choice and changing the size of the drawing implement they were using to make it thicker and thinner.They were all very proud to have a photograph of themselves stood with their finished artwork.

Week 2 - A broken broomstick!


This week the children were very excited to begin their learning adventure with finding a broken broomstick in the classroom! They followed a trail around the classroom and collected all of the clues to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. They were all very happy that it belonged to a witch! Because it was broken we thought that she might have lost it mid flight so we wrote a letter to her to tell her that we had found it and would keep it safe for when she could come back for it!


The children thought that the broken broomstick might have made a hole in her tights so they learned all about different patterns and used this new knowledge of spots, stripes, wavy lines and zigzag lines to design and draw some more for her!


The children also became detectives and examined the pieces of the broomstick, ordering them by their length. The children were encouraged to use the words short, long, shorter, longer, shortest and longest. Some children were very good at using some of these words and could make some comparisons between the different broomsticks too.

Week 3 - Finding the witch!


This week the children thought carefully about what a witch looks like and what clothing and objects they have that make them look like a witch. They then used all of this knowledge to draw a picture of a witch so that we could display them around Nursery asking everyone to help us find the witch. The children talked about what they had drawn on their pictures and were encouraged to describe the witch's appearance. 


The children knew that witches and wizards like to make magic spells so were very enthusiastic to make up their own spells and potions. They thought about what actions they would need to use - mixing, stirring, squashing, chopping, peeling etc when putting the ingredients into the cauldron and enjoyed chanting magic spells together in groups.


The children then looked at some potions that the witch had in her witch's book and thought about which cauldron had more ingredients in it and which had fewer ingredients. The children tried really hard to use the words 'more' and 'fewer' and attempted to talk about how they knew, i.e. 'This group is bigger' and 'This group has one'. 

Week 4 - Iggety ziggety zaggety zoom let's make the witch a brand new broom!


This week the children continued to make magic spells and potions using their imaginative skills to make them as disgusting and gruesome as they possibly could! In the painting area they used their magic making skills by making lots more potions using paint. They chose two different bottles of potions and then mixed them together to see what new potion they had created! 


The children also enjoyed listening to the story The Room on the Broom and liked joining in with the repetitive phrases. The children then used the puppets and masks from the story to help them to retell key parts of the story.


The children used their knowledge of what a witch looks like to create lots more pictures of the witch, this time using a range of different colour and sized 2D shapes. The children practised naming the shapes and talking about the properties of them. 

Week 5 - Magic missions completed!


This week saw the children thanked by the witch for the safe returning of her repaired broomstick along with a new collection of brooms created by the children who made magic spells!


The children all then began to turn their attention to CHRISTMAS and so the week has been spent making our classroom feel Christmassy and festive.


Each children chose their own bauble to decorate the Christmas tree in the classroom, printing glittery snowflakes, decorating large candy canes and Christmas trees to hang around Nursery and work together as a team to create some paper chains.


The children then made their calendars and Christmas cards (which are very top secret!) and tried really hard to identify their own name and write it on the inside of their cards.

Week 6 - It's Christmas!


This week the children have been identifying coloured baubles and sorting them into groups on a range of Christmas trees.


They have also been sorting and grouping gift tags and different shaped presents according to their patterned paper. The children were encouraged the children to talk about the pattern on each and how they knew that it was that pattern. 


The children then practised their scissor skills by cutting along different pattern lines trying really hard to cut along the lines. This proved to be very tricky for lots of the children!


The children also sorting Father Christmas' presents into the different sacks according to their shape. The children were encouraged to identify the name of each of the shapes and talk about what made that shape special by thinking of its properties. 


Well done Nursery! Santa's elves will be happy for helping them with all of their jobs!



Week 7 - Why do we celebrate Christmas?


This week the children were very nervous but also very excited to perform their nativity show to all of their loved ones. During our carpet time the children listened carefully to the story of the very first Christmas and thought about how Mary and Joseph might have felt travelling so far to Bethlehem.


The children also enjoyed a surprise visit from Santa and enjoyed talking about what they would like for Christmas. 


All of the children were excited to bring party food to school and dress in their Christmas/party clothes. They sat with their friends to eat party food, danced in the hall to music and played some party games too. Pass the parcel was a game that lots of children enjoyed and had said that they had never played before.


We hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and wish you all good health and happiness in the new year.