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Autumn 2

Remembrance Poppies

Welcome back to another busy half term heading towards Christmas. This week we created a whole school poppy display which showcased the skills and talent of every child from nursery to year 6. Each class made their own poppies and every child contributed to the finished display which is a beautiful and poignant reminder to mark the World War One Armistice 100 years ago. Well done and a big thank you to children and staff.

Year 5 

Year 5 are learning about the Amazon rainforest this half term and what better way to begin by looking at the colourful work of Henry Rousseau. The children have studied some Amazon animals and have made simple sketches using their pencils lightly. Next, they used oil pastels to add colour to enhance their drawings. Like Rousseau, the children wanted the animals to look like they were about to spring out from the rainforest canopy. They created a background wash using water colour paints using different shades of green, blue, yellow and brown. This is their work so far. 

And they are finished! The children added lots of texture to their rainforest backgrounds using oil pastels. 
Year 4
Year 4 have been looking at the countryside and learning about the features of the landscape. They looked at some famous art work by David Hockney, in particular a painting called Garrowby Hill in Yorkshire. They noticed his use of colour, line, shape and pattern in his work. The children created their own countryside landscapes using a vanishing point and a horizon line. They also used colour, line and pattern to add texture to their work. Here are the finished landscapes. Well done year 4! 
2DP's Art Work Makes It In To The Yorkshire Evening Post
2DP's silhouettes of The Great Fire of London made it in to the Yorkshire Evening Post last week. Well done to all of the children!
Year 2
The Great Fire of London
Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London using collage and drawing. First they created a burning sky on a big scale. Nexy they used collage to create the River Thames. Using charcoal they drew wooden houses and cut them out. Finally they made a little wooden boat and placed themselves inside to escape from the fire. 

Year 1

The Great Fire of London



1GH have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They used collage and drawing to create their own interpretations of the fire. They created the burning sky using chalk and oil pastels. They drew the Tudor houses carefully using charcoal. Next, they used collage pieces of paper to create the River Thames. Well done 1GH!