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Autumn 2

Witches and Wizards


This half term we are learning:

  • How to find “one less”
  • How to order objects by length
  • How to solve simple addition number sentences
  • About capacity
  • To write simple sentences
  • About Bonfire night safety
  • The story of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night
  • How to write an invitation to a party
  • About rhyming words
  • What Christmas is and the story of the Nativity
  • How to write letters to Santa
  • About money
  • How to write a character description
  • How to put numbers in order
  • About science experiments – observing changes

The children will be:

  • Making potions
  • Marble webbing
  • Collaging a pumpkin or witches hat
  • Making firework pictures using toilet rolls
  • Making chocolate apples
  • Labelling a bonfire setting
  • Exploring ice and learning about the melting and freezing process
  • Making Christmas cards and calendars
  • Wrapping presents
  • Making witches brew jelly

You can help your child at home by:

  • Talking about different kinds of technology and what it can be used for
  • Reading stories together at home and discussing the pictures.
  • Identifying numbers on the phone, on doors or in magazines
  • Helping them to write their name
  • Practising sounds when you say words e.g. “get your c… c… coat”
  • Looking at photos of past family celebrations and talking about them

The Broken Broomstick!!

This week we have started our new learning adventure of ‘Magic’. On Monday morning when the children came into the classroom we found a broken broomstick on the carpet. On the broomstick was a clue. The children had to figure out who the broomstick belonged to by finding all of the clues and solving them. Eventually, we found out that the broomstick belonged to a witch and we even found a photograph of her. We decided it would be a good idea to create a poster describing the witch so that people could keep an eye out for her around the local area. This was very useful as this allowed us to find out where the witch lived and we were able to send the broomstick back to her.

The witch got in touch with us later in the week and she sent us a thank you card for finding her broomstick. The witch also needed our help when adding different types of ingredients together to find a total as she was experimenting with potions to mend her broomstick. The children had lots of fun when doing this and they were super at addition.

Other activities this week have included using bee-bots and directional language, creating our own magic wands and sharing our experiences with a group about how we celebrated Bonfire Night and Halloween.

Bonfire Night!!!

This week the children have really enjoyed learning all about bonfire night. We have made our own fireworks pictures using different resources and we have learn about why we celebrate bonfire night and the story behind the gun powder plot. We have even worked as part of group to make our own Guy Fawkes.


In Literacy this week the children have been writing acrostic poems using vocabulary associated with bonfire night. They have been labelling a bonfire night setting and they have also been labelling the different noises that fireworks make.

In maths this week, the children have been learning what one less than a number is. The children have been counting rockets and taking one away and they have also been consolidating this using number lines. 



Why did the broom break?

This week we have found out the real reason why the witch’s broomstick had broken and it was because she had too many people sitting on her broomstick.


In Literacy this week, the children have written instructions for the witch on how she can mend her broomstick without the use of portions and in Maths this week the children have been helping to broomstick shop when sorting the broomsticks by length and supplying them to the correct witch.


Other activities have included; making the witch some skeleton friends, carrying out our own spooky science experiment and learning our new contextual song ready to perform at the witches tea party.

A Message From The Witch...

Still image for this video

Can we scare away the evil dragon?

This week the children have been helping the witch to create ‘rhyming’ spells to scare away the evil dragon. The children first had to sort the ingredients into rhyming pairs and then put each pair into the cauldron. The children loved signing the ‘silly soup’ song when mixing it up. The children then wrote their spells down for the witch so that they could be added into her spell book.

In maths this week, the children have begun to learn about subtraction. Other activities this week have included; magic dust writing, making paper witches, joining up the rhyming pairs, painting spider webs and making spiders using various malleable resources.

The Witches Tea Party!!



We have an extremely busy time in Reception over the next few weeks as it is the exciting run up to the Christmas festivities!! The children will be learning all about why we celebrate Christmas and they will also be performing their own version of the Christmas nativity story.


In Literacy, the children will be writing their letters to Father Christmas which will be going to post at the local post office. The children will be writing their Christmas cards and they will also be writing a short sentence about their part in the Christmas nativity. 


In additional to all of this, the children will be creating Christmas cards, salt dough baubles and calendars for the new year. The children will also be looking closely ice when carrying out an ice exploration activity and they will be taking part in many more exciting activities!!