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Autumn 2


This half term we are learning:

  • How to write character descriptions
  • How to write setting descriptions
  • How to write letters
  • How to write a diary entry about The Great Fire of London
  • How to write instructions on how to care for a dragon’s egg.
  • How to write instructions on how to bake bread.
  • How to write a recount on historical events
  • Writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 20
  • Adding and subtracting numbers within 20
  • Recognising 2D and 3D shapes
  • Making patterns with shapes
  • Grouping and comparing shapes
  • Comparing length and height
  • Measuring length and height


The books we are using throughout our adventure:

  • Zog
  • Zog and the Flying Doctors


The children will be:

  • Designing, building and evaluating their own fire engine- incorporating a moving element.
  • Writing letters to ‘Zog’.
  • Hot seating characters from the story.
  • Learning about the story of The Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night.
  • Learning about fire safety.
  • Thinking of how to care for a dragon egg we have found in school!
  • Writing character descriptions about the characters from the story.
  • Having a visit from the fire service to learn about how to keep safe.
  • Imagining what it would be like to live during the Great fire of London.
  • Writing setting descriptions about the Great Fire of London.
  • Writing recounts on what happened.
  • Baking their own bread.
  • Writing instructions on how to bake bread.
  • Writing leaflets on people that keep them safe.
  • Creating Great fire of London collages
  • Learning about light, materials and shadows. Carrying out scientific observations and experiments
  • Creating Christmas cards and calendars
  • Rehearsing and performing in their Christmas production


You can help your child by:

  • Listening to your child read on a regular basis and asking questions about the book
  • Practising the spellings in your child’s spelling book
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework
  • Encouraging your children to practise writing simple sentences using capital letters and full stops
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words



The Arrival of the Egg...

This week in year one we found a suspicious egg in our classroom. The egg was blue and sliver and we found it on Miss Procter's chair when we came inside from break. when we looked closely at the egg, we found that it had a tag on it which told us an address to contact if the egg was lost. We decided it would be a good idea to write a letter to 'Zog' whoever this was. We share our ideas of what sort of person Zog might be and we decided that we though he might be a dragon. The children used questions marks in their letters as we decided to ask Zog lots of questions. 


Later in the week, we recieved a reply from Zog! He wants to be our friend. He said thank you to us for finding his egg and keeping it safe. He told us all about his new dragon school and he even sent us a story to find out more about his life. 


How To Look After A Dragon Egg

This week the children came up with some instructions of how to take care of the Dragon egg that we found in school. The children wrote these instructions down and we have put them up around our classroom in case anybody comes to visit the egg. The children tried hard to use time connectives in their writing. 

The Gun Powder Plot

This week we have learnt about the story of ‘The Gun Powder Plot’. We have learnt about who Guy Fawkes is and why he was sent to prison. On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed taking part in a drama activity when reenacting the story. We each enjoyed taking on a different role and thinking about what speech each character might have been saying throughout.  Following this, we then carried out some story sequencing and wrote a sentence explaining each of the story pictures.


The Exciting Visitors

This week we had a very exciting visit from the local fire service. We learnt all about the different parts of the fire engine and we even got a chance to sit inside it. We looked closely at the tools that firefighters use each day and we asked the fire fighters lots of questions. All of this learning will help us when starting to design our own fire engines in design and technology. 


This week in science we have learnt all about different sources of light. First we looked at what light is and how our eyes see it and then we explored the different sources that it can come from. We looked closely at various sources and compared them using word like ‘brightest’ and ‘dullest’. We then went on a light hunt around school and recorded the various sources of light that we found in a list.


In PSHE this week, we have been learning about safe and unsafe secrets. We have been learning what sorts of secrets are happy and exciting secrets and what sorts of secrets we must tell a grown up about. We read through some examples and discussed them as a class. We then decided whether or not we would give each secret a thumbs up or a thumbs down. We remembered our circle time rules and we were very considerate to other people feelings and ideas. 

Labeling a Fire Engine 

Once the children had looked closely at a real fire engine, we used our learning to help us label the key parts of a fire engine. We discussed as class what each part was for and why each part is important for firefighters. The children picked out the ladders, the siren, the lights, the hose, the doors, the wheels and the jaws of life. 


A Day in the life of Zog...

This week we have been taking on the role of Zog and we have been writing an entry in his diary following a day at dragon school. The children wrote about how Zog learnt to fly, roar and blow fire. Have a read of some of our amazing writing! 

The children soon found out that all Zog ever wants to do is get a golden star. The children decided that it would be a nice idea if they wrote him some rules/ instructions to make sure that he follows at all times as then this way he will have a much better chance at getting lots of golden stars. Zog was very grateful for these!


This week we have been learning about safe touches and unsafe touches. We learnt the PANTS rule and we really enjoying learning and singing the 'Pantatsourus' song.

The Great Fire of London

This week the children have been learning about what it would have been like to live during the Great Fire of London. We took part in an Imagineering session where we used our senses to pretend that we were in the streets when the fire started. We  thought hard about what we could see, hear, smell, touch and tatse. We worked together in groups to think of super adjectives to help us describe the scene. We then used all of this vocabulary to write our own setting descriptions. 

How did the fire start?

This week we have researched into the Great Fire of London and we have learnt lots of

information about it.


We have learnt about-

  • What it was?
  • How it started?
  • How it was stopped?
  • How long did it last?
  • Why did it spread?
  • How far did it spread?
  • Who did the affect?
  • What happened after the Fire?


We then used all of our knowledge to create a piece of non-fiction fact writing about the fire. We found the story very interesting!

Later on in the week we then used our knowledge to create out very own acrostic poems about the Great Fire of London. We hope you like them!

Tudor Houses

This week we have been learning about the construction of Tudor houses. First we looked closely at the materials used to build them and then we looked at how they were made. We learnt that they used cuboid blocks to make the frames and then these were filled with mud and clay to create the walls. We also compared the difference between materials of Tudor houses and modern day houses. We learnt that they were very cold! Finally, we loved creating our own Tudor houses using a variety of beams. 


This week in Science we have been learning about shadows and how they are created. First we talked about how a shadow is formed and we watched a shadow puppet performance on the computer. Then we decided to make our own shadow puppets so that we could have our own puppet show. We used coloured paper to make the puppets to ensure that no light could get through and we put our puppets onto a stick. Using torches, we shined a light on the wall and used our puppets to block the light rays. This created a shadow. We experimented with what happened when we moved the puppet closer to the light and further away. We also predicted and explored what would happen when we used translucent materials instead of opaque ones.


This week in PSHE the children have been learning about different situations where they might need help. We started off by thinking about the different people we know who can help us and we wrote our ideas on the board. We then looked at specific people who work in our community and help us to keep safe (e.g. a bus driver and a lollipop lady). We also spoke about how we might ask for help if we needed it and we learnt how to use the phone numbers 999, 101 and 111.

Great work Year 1!

Samuel Pepys

This week the children learnt about a very important person who taught us what we know about The Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys wrote a diary throughout the days the fire took place and discussed lots of events and reasons for why the fire was so devastating. The children read parts of the diary and completed a gap fill activity of one of his diary's. They found it very funny when he said that he hid is cheese and wine in his garden to protect it from the fire. The children then had a go at writing their very own diary entry from the Great Fire of London!



The Bakery on Pudding Lane...

We have learnt that the Great Fire of London started in a bakers shop on Pudding Lane. We thought about what sorts of things this bakers might have sold in 1666 and we decided that bread would have been the most popular item for sale. Therefore we decided to bake some. First, we followed instructions on how to make the bread and then we wrote a set of instructions of our own for other people to follow. 

The London Newspaper

In order to conclude our learning on the Great Fire of London we decided to become newspaper reporters for the day. We pretended to go back in time to the date of the fire and report on the event, telling the world what actually happened on September 4th 1666. We tried so hard with our writing and we produced some fantastic newspaper reports!

Designing Our Own Fire Engines

This week we have designed our own fire engines that we will begin making next week during our DT lesson. First we thought about the materials that we would need to use when making the moving element (e.g. the wheels) and then we decided on the materials that we will need to create the rest of the engine. We wrote a list of things that we will need for next week and we coloured our designs in thinking about the appropriate colours and features. 

Making our fire engines move!

This week the children have begun making the moving element to our fire engines. We had lots and of help from the parents with this.

We had loads on fun!


We have an extremely busy time in Year 1 this last couple of weeks as it is the exciting run up to the Christmas festivities!! The children will be learning all about why we celebrate Christmas and they will also be performing their own 'Modern' version of the Christmas nativity story.


In Literacy, the children have written their letters to Father Christmas and they have written their own version of the nativity story. 


In additional to all of this, the children will be creating Christmas cards, reindeer dust and calendars for the new year.

Prickly Hay 

Our Year Writing Buddies!

This week we have loved spending time with our writing buddies in year 6. We really enjoyed reading our super work to them and listening to them reading theirs.