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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 is here and this term the children will be learning lots of exciting things! We will be learning about dragons and reading two stories about the dragon Zog. We will then be learning all about the Great Fire of London and imagining what it would be like to live during this time. Throughout the term the children will be thinking about fire safety and who can help us. 



The children have had fun using modelling clay to create their own dragon eyes. They have all created a unique design and enjoyed adding interesting details. Well done year 1! They look fantastic.


The children have been learning about why we celebrate 'Bonfire night'. They all had fun acting out the events in front of the class. They then ordered the events and wrote recounts on what happened.


This half term the children will be creating their own electronic greetings card. This week the children have been researching why we send greeting cards. We first used Google calendar to research special dates we might send cards. We then thought of what special occasions we have received cards and why. The children looked at different cards and different features of greeting cards


The children have started a new unit in maths learning how to use teen numbers. they have been thinking of different ways to represent and count teen numbers. They have been using ten frames, counters and a range of different materials to show the numbers. they have been making links to previous learning by using whole part part models. Well done Year 1!


Today the children have been learning about comparing numbers to 20. To do this we went outside and split into different group and compared the size of the groups. We thought it would help to get into lines so we could compare the different lengths of the lines. We explore comparing amount in the classroom using different manipulatives.


This week in maths the children have been learning about numbers to 20. they have been comparing numbers, writing numbers, ordering numbers. they have worked well in there learning partners to play a game where they had to order numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. 


This week the children in Year 1 had an exciting visit from the fire service. they came in their fire engine and gave a talk about fire safety, equipment they use and what their job is like. The children loved trying on the helmets, sitting in the fire engine and learning lots of facts!



This week the children have been learning about the story Zog. To help them in their writing of a letter to describe what happened to Zog in the story the children worked in teams to create story maps. They worked in small groups to draw and label what happened to Zog each year in the story. they worked really well together and produced some fantastic story maps! Well done year 1!


This week the children have been learning about light sources. They have been thinking about how light is created and what light sources are. They went on a light hunt around school to spot what light sources they could found. We were surprise by how many we found! Well done Year 1!


This week in Science the children have been learning about shadows. After learning about puppets and watching a shadow puppets performance we created our own puppets to make our own show. We explored by using different materials and made predictions about what would happen if we used translucent materials and opaque materials. The children enjoyed creating their own performance by shinning touches. We discuss what happened when we moved the touch closer or further away.


The children had a special PE session this week where they could have a taster at a Judo session. They did Fantastic! They were learning new skills, games and judo moves. The children were really engaged in the session and had fun learning about different types of exercise. 


This week in RE The children have been learning about Hanukkah. We learnt about the Traditional story of Hanukkah and why Jewish people celebrate this special day. We learnt about how they celebrated and what games they play. We then learnt about the food and the children had a chance to try a jam donut which is a traditional food eaten during the celebration. Yum!


We have had a lot of fun creating our moving fire engines. The children worked really well with the group ups to make and design some very unique fire engines. They used Dowel and wooden wheels to make the fire engines move. Well done year 1 you all did fantastic!