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Autumn 2

The Chocolate Story


Our new learning adventure is called The Chocolate Story. We will be focusing our work on the book Charlie and the chocolate factory but we will also be looking at the UK and its different counties and cities. We will be using some of the characters from the story to help us find out more about Cities in the UK. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see me before and after school or ring the school office if you need to speak to me.

Visit to the Chocolate Story


On Monday 21st November year three visited The Chocolate Story in York as part of our learning adventure this term looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had a tour of the museum and found out all about history of chocolate. We then made our own chocolate lollipops to take home and enjoyed lots of delicious treats through out the day!


After lunch, we went for a walk around York Minister. Year 3 drew some lovely pictures of the minister despite the weather. A fantastic day was had by all!

The Chocolate Story

Chocolate Tasting


On Thursday 29th November we had the opportunity to try many different flavoured chocolates. We judged them on the quality of taste, appearance, smell and texture! In 3AO the most popular type of chocolate was milk chocolate and the least popular was definitely the chilli chocolate! 

Judo Taster Session

On Friday 30th November, 3AO were super excited to take part in a Judo taster session. They had a fantastic time playing some warm up games and learning some new moves.

The Inventing Room

On Wednesday 5th December we were lucky enough to have Boggles (Willy Wonka's best inventor) join us. He asked us to help him create some fabulous new sweets that had a very special quality to them. Some could make bald men grow hair, some could make people keep growing and growing and some could even stop babies from getting upset!

In groups the children designed a new confectionary and had to pitch it to Mr Willy Wonka himself!



3AO Looking at the UK

During Autumn 2 we have been studying the UK and looking at all the countries that make up the UK. In the first few weeks of term we had a look at where the UK was, what continent it was in and what different features it had.

We have looked at London and discussed how it is our capital city and what the importance of a capital city is. We have also been doing lots of work on maps and how we can identify places using an electronic map of the world. We have been building on our class display as we find out where all the different characters are from within the UK.