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Autumn 2

Welcome back!

This half term we are going to be doing lots of work based on The Sheep-Pig by Dick King Smith, as our learning adventure takes us all over the UK! 


We're going to be looking at the countryside and the cities, focusing on London and Gloucester! 

Autumn 2 Newsletter


In our first, week, we've started to look at our book, The Sheep Pig.

We created our own farm houses and farm animals, and designed our own book cover.


We have been imagining what it would be like to be a pig at the fair! We wrote some amazing diary entries of Babe when he was waiting to be won. 

We've also done some brilliant setting descriptions of a farm, thinking about all the things we can see, hear, smell, touch and feel if we were on the farm!

This week, we were writing some persuasive letters to Farmer Hoggett, and considering whether or not he should sell his new pig! There were some great discussions going on in class and we produced some fantastic work.

This week, Major Sargent Barker came to teach us how to be good sheepdogs! We took part in his Sheepdog Academy, where we learnt all the rules on how to round sheep. We had beady eyes, pricked eyes, our bellies low to the ground and we crept up on sheep to safely round them into the pen. Farmer Ramsbottom came to share some stories of bad sheepdogs who didn't follow instructions, and the children had some stories of their own!

Since the children were now experts at being sheepdogs, they wrote instructions so that they can teach the next group of new sheepdogs!

Lemon Electricity!

We tried making circuits with lemons! 

We experimented to see if we could replace a battery with a lemon. We used lots of problem solving skills to pair up with other tables and see if adding more lemons helped! Eventually we added all our lemons together in one big circuit.

Unfortunately it didn't work but we wrote some wonderful evaluations with suggestions about what we could do differently.


Someone broke into our classroom! 

There were chairs thrown everywhere and the tables were moved. Also, we found lots of wool on the floor. 

The children were super investigators, and found a clue written by the culprit! 

Using the riddle and the clues, they worked out that a wolf had been in a taken a sheep!!

We took part in a sheep dog competition this week!

However, we were very angry as the farmer asked us to move his hay bales while rounding sheep! Also, wolves broke in to the competition!

We had to move a sheep, a hay bale, and a wolf to the other side of the classroom, but we also had rules to follow.

  • We couldn't leave the sheep with the hay because it would eat all of the farmer's hay.
  • We couldn't leave the wolf with the sheep or the wolf would eat the sheep.

We had to use our problem solving skills to try and work out a solution to the problem.


We were so outraged by the lack of security and the farmer using us to do his work that we wrote some amazing letters of complaint to the farmer to let him know how upset we were!