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Autumn 2

This half term all our work will be focused around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have some amazing activities lined up and I cannot wait to see some of the great work that 3LB will produce. Keep looking at our page to see the work for yourselves! This half term we will be looking at the different characters in the story and their different personalities. We will be designing and making our own chocolate bar to then sell at the Christmas fair. We will be looking at different areas of the UK, focusing on counties and cities. Year 3 also have a fantastic opportunity to go to a real-life chocolate factory and look at how chocolate is made from scratch!

3LB have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks of their Learning Adventure. They have written some fantastic character descriptions about the different characters in the book. Before they could do this, they had to interview the characters to find out more about them. 3LB did some fantastic hot seating and asked some brilliant questions. 

Year 3 were really lucky and were able to go to a real life chocolate factory. On Monday 19th November, we visited “The chocolate story” in York. The children had a fantastic morning and were able to see how chocolate is made. They looked into the history of the chocolate making and where all the different chocolate bars came from. They got to try what the first ever chocolate would have tasted like, the first ever hot chocolate which was actually cold and a delicious quality street! At the end we got to make our own white chocolate lolly and decorate them. They were beautiful! Finally, we watched a real life chocolatier make a fantastic creating. They were also very yummy! In the afternoon we looked around York Minster. We sketched some fantastic drawings, even if it was raining!

In writing we have been completing some fantastic pieces of work. First, we look at Charlie Buckets house. We read through the chapter to get a good understanding of what it was like to live there. We then looked at a picture of the house and used some fantastic expanded noun phrases to describe his house. We discussed how much we would not want to live at his house. This then helped us with our Friday project to build Charlie Bucket a new house where he will have a better life with all of his family.

Children in 3LB have been creating their own sweet. They looked at the different sweets that had been invented by Willy Wonka. We looked at the packaging of the sweets and discussed why they were so exciting to look at. The children used some fantastic words such as eye catching and mesmerizing. The children then looked at what the sweets did. Everlasting gobstopper, chewing gum that had many courses and other exciting inventions! We decided to design our own sweet and then make up what our sweet was going to do. We then wrote a persuasive advert about the sweet so that people will buy them!

Every year Clapgate have a Christmas fair. As part of our enterprise for the year we decided to make our own chocolate bars and sell them at the Christmas fair. Before we could do this though, we needed to have a taste test of the different types of chocolate we could choose. We tasted milk, dark, white and Chilli flavoured. The children loved testing out the appearance, texture, taste and smell of the chocolates and were all able to tell me which chocolate they would like to use by the end of the lesson.

We then designed our chocolate bars that we were going to sell. We looked at different chocolate bars that we already knew, why we liked them and what flavours they included. We then looked at the different flavours and sweets that we might include in our own chocolate bar. We talked about what would go well together and what wouldn’t! The children chose a type of chocolate and then two flavours that they would like to include. The children came up with some fantastic ideas!

We hope you come along to our fair to buy our chocolate bars!

3LB received a very exciting letter from the Oompa Loompas. They sent it in a very exciting envelope with fancy handwriting on the front! The children were looking forward to hearing what they had wrote to use about. The Oompa Loompas were explaining how tired and over worked they are. This then mean that they couldn’t think of any new ideas. They needed 3LB to come up with a solution to sort this problem out! 3LB then wrote some fantastic job adverts to find some new Oompa Loompas. Our class also decided that we needed to write a balanced argument to Willy Wonka about why they need to make sure that they treat their workers fairly!

3LB have been looking closely at the different areas of the UK. We discussed what the U.K stood for, what countries we knew about, what cities we knew about and any landmarks. The children were really good at knowing all of the countries and could identify them clearly on a map. They were then able to identify and label some major cities, especially our capital, London. 

3LB have looked closely at London. We talked about what we already knew about London, if anyone has ever been or if they knew anyone who lived there. The children were really knowledgeable about London and could tell me lots of different landmarks. We then looked at those landmarks in a lot of detail. We talked about what their uses were, why they are there and what they do for the city. The children then sketched some fantastic pictures of some of the most famous landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

After London, we decided to travel to Scotland. We looked at where Scotland was on a map in contrast to Leeds and England. The children quickly identified that it was the North of the UK. I then asked the children if they knew any of the cities in Scotland. They could tell me a few such as Glasgow and Edinburgh but by the end of the Lesson they could tell me many more! We looked mainly at the landmarks in Scotland such as Loch Ness, Edinburgh Castle, Holywood Castle and Arthur's seat. The children identified these on a map of Scotland by locating the cities where the landmarks were. The children were fantastic with their map skills!

3LB have been learning about multiplication and division by 3, 4 and 8 in Maths No Problem! They have been looking at lots of different ways to find the answers. This could be with arrays, counters, writing out all of their multiplication facts or using the facts they already know. The class have grown so much in their confidence towards multiplication and this has been evident in our times tables test that we have every week!

When dividing, the children have been looking at putting amounts into groups and making groups of. They have worked really hard at looking at the difference between these two questions and are starting to understand confidently! It is lovely to see the children enjoying investigating these ideas.

In science, year 3 have been looking at “Keeping Healthy”. We have been looking at our Skeleton. We were able to label the skeleton accurately and discuss what each bone’s use was. The children were really good at identifying that some of our bones were to protect our organs. The children then looked at how we keep our bones healthy, what would happen if we didn’t have any bones and what unhealthy lifestyles can do to our skeleton so that it isn’t as safe as it should be.


The children then looked at how we can have a healthy lifestyle. We particularly looked at what it meant to have a balanced diet. The children were extremely good at identifying which food goes into which food group! The children understood the reasoning behind each group being different sizes and the impact each food group has on our body. Once they looked at all the different foods, 3LB designed a healthy meal making sure they had enough of each food group on their plate.