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Autumn 1: Saving The Day

Saving The Day!


Our first learning adventure is about Superheroes.


In writing we will be learning lots of different skills and we will use these to create our own character descriptions.


We read the story of Awesome Man and learnt about nouns and adjectives.

"A noun is a naming word."

"An adjective is a describing word."


We learnt that a noun + adjective = noun phrase and we labelled a picture using our own noun phrases.

Red cape

Black mask

Big muscles

Shiny belt

We used our knowledge of noun phrases to write a character description of Awesome Man.

We read the story of Supertato and learnt that a noun + noun + adjective = expanded noun phrase, and we labelled a picture using our own expanded noun phrases.

We then used our own expanded noun phrases to write a character description of Supertato.

We have learnt about postcards, we know that a postcard needs:

  • A stamp
  • A picture
  • Space for the address
  • Space for writing
  • An address for the postman
  • Writing about our holiday


We boarded an aeroplane to Hong Kong and wrote a postcard home about our experience. It was important that we used the past tense to write in.

The children have been showing off their performance skills. They learnt a poem all about the different powers a superhero may have and added their own actions.

In maths we have learnt about place value and how to partition two-digit numbers into tens and ones. We used this knowledge to help us to add together a one-digit and a two-digit number and two two-digit numbers.

We have used lots of different equipment to help us with our maths and have learnt different ways to solve problems.

We will be learning about the importance of physical exercise and rest. We will also be learning about the different food groups and healthy eating. We will be using this information to help design a healthy lunchbox for a superhero.


In D.T. we will learn different cookery skills such as peeling, grating and cutting. We will use these skills to make our own healthy Superhero snack.


We will imagine that we are flying over the city of Leeds and we will look for physical and human geographical features. We will learn about the difference between the two and we will be comparing Leeds to Hong Kong.


In Art we will begin to learn how to sew; we will be designing our own Superhero logos and will use our sewing knowledge to create our logo out of felt.


To find out more about what we have been up to, please visit the subject pages which can be found on the Children tab under Wider Curriculum 😊

Parental Involvement

Thankyou very much to the parents and grandparents that joined us and helped us to make some fantastic superheroes using different types of vegetables.

We celebrated the end of our Saving The Day learning adventure with a Superhero Day. The children dressed up as different superheroes and were given a set of different challenges to show off their different powers:

  • Super Agility and Speed
  • Super Aim
  • Super Senses
  • Super Steady Hands

Take a look, you might not see some of us as we move so quickly!!