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Autumn 1- In a kingdom far away

'' Princess and the Wizard''

To kick start our new learning adventure, the children received a phone call from the Queen and she described the person who had kidnapped her daughter. The children have been researching different aspects of creating a wanted poster, linked to the story- to help find the missing Princess. The children worked in small groups to label components of a wanted poster and then created their own using descriptive vocabulary to describe the Evil Wizard.

Wanted posters!

Learning about castles.  

This week in History the children have been learning about castles over time and researching key parts and who lives there. The children then worked in small groups and discussed the importance of each feature. The children were very excited to learn new vocabulary such as; moat, draw bridge, arrow slits, the keep and the tower. We then carried on with our History linking with Art to design and label our own castle. After looking at different castles on the internet it was great to see and watch the children use their imagination to draw their own. Well done Year 1.

Invite to Princess Eliza's Party 


This week in our writing lesson we have been learning how to write an invitation to a celebration. The children started off by reviewing a written invite and worked together to spot mistakes- no capital letters, no full stops, no time or date stamp. The children then went onto creating their own invite to invite the Fairy Godmother to Princess Eliza's party. The children loved discussing different celebrations, which somebody could invite them too.