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Autumn 1

Hello everybody! It has been a very exciting first week! The children have settled in beautifully and they are very busy developing new relationships with friends and getting to know our classroom and exploring all the exciting areas of provision inside and out! 


This week the children have been painting self portraits! The children have looked at themselves in the mirror and talked about the colour of their skin, eyes, hair and lips. Then they carefully painted their features. You can view the beautiful artwork on the display adjacent to our classroom.



You, Me and Everybody!



What will we be learning?


· We will be learning about what we look like and we will be looking at the similarities and differences we have to other people.

· We will be learning how to label a picture and how to label our bodies.

· We will be learning how to draw a picture of ourselves and our families.

· We will be learning about our bodies and how we use them.

· We will be learning about our senses by smelling, feeling and looking at different foods.

· We will be learning about what we can do now compared to when we were babies.

· We will be learning about what makes a good friend.

· We will be learning about what the children are good at and why it is great to be them.

· We will be learning how to talk about people who are special and important to us.

· We will be learning numbers 1-5 including 1 more/less than a given number, how to double and share, how to use a tens frame and a number track.

· We will be learning the different noises that musical instruments make using our ears.

Our Senses!


This week we have been continuing our learning about ourselves. We have learnt that we have five different senses and what we use them for. Throughout the week the children have carried out various activities that have involved them exploring their senses.

In Literacy, the children have smelt, tasted and touched various textures and foods and then wrote down what they thought it was by hearing the initial sounds in words. The children have been trying really hard this week with their letter formations! 

In Mathematics, the children have been learning how to apply what they have learnt independently. They have explored the classroom to find a number of objects that match a numeral, and they have drawn that amount in various ways. 

Families and Home Life


Over the last few weeks the children have been learning lots about each other’s families. We have learnt about family routines and traditions and we have also thought hard about who is in our family and what they do for us.

In literacy the children have been focusing on listening to the sounds they can hear at the beginning and at the end of words and some children have been trying to hear all three sounds in simple words. In maths, the children have continued to apply what they have learnt independently by ordering their daily routine at school, and doubling a given number. 

Other activities have involved the children painting a family tree and adding photographs from home, drawing who lives in their house, thinking about what we can do with our bodies, and learning how to sequence our daily home life routine.


Great work reception!



The children absolutely loved their Judo session in the hall this week! They learnt how to balance, listen carefully and work in partners with a trained professional by displaying a range of Judo moves! Well done reception! 



In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes. Ask a group we had to work out how to make the shapes using a circle of rope. We had to think carefully about the properties of each shape and then work together to make it.