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Autumn 1

This half term, we are learning about the geography of Greece as well as the Ancient Greeks. This is a great topic to start our half term as I especially enjoy teaching all the wonderful myths. We have lots of exciting activities planned and we will also be inviting parents and carers to attend a Greek day towards the end of the half term.
Below you will see all the work related to our topic which includes writing, art, design & technology, history and geography. Alternatively click the link below or visit to see what we have been up to in our other subjects.
What a fantastic first day starting our new topic. The children looked at the Olympics, made their own Greek beast and used mosaic. 

Greek day

Year 4 are very thankful to those who came to our Greek afternoon. The children had a lovely time eating gyros, making Greek headdresses and doing word searches. I'm sure you will all agree they looked fabulous in the outfits made by themselves. 

The children had a lovely day at the 'beach'.  They thought about everything they could see, hear, smell and taste by exploring our beach in a tray. Inside there was sand, sun cream, salt water, ice cream and a beach ball. The children got stuck in!
The children have been working hard on their Greek outfits. They have explored patterns and created their printing block. They have now started to print on their sashes ready to wear at their Greek afternoon. 

The Trojan Horse

This week we have been learning about the Trojan Horse. The children have written an alternate ending and have started to write a play script. I can't wait to see their performances! 

4CJ Invite you to Greece! 

After gathering information, the children have been creating their own holiday brochure using everything they have learned so far. After reading them, I definitely think I would like to get booking a holiday! 

Greek Myths

The children did a wonderful job completing their myths. They worked really hard across 3 lessons and here are just a few snap shots of what they have achieved. They should be very proud! 

Greek Salad

We had a lovely treat today and we got to try all the different ingredients from a Greek salad. I was so impressed that all the children tried the different foods even if they didn't think they liked it. Unfortunately, we didn't get any picks of the food as we were too busy serving and eating! But you can see what some of the children thought below... 

Greek myths

We started to think about where our stories might be set. The children acted out all the different roles that might have been seen in an Ancient Greek village. 

Locational Geography

In this lesson, the children looked at maps to find out some of the key places as well as the seas that surround Greece. 

Greek Myths

We have been starting to write our own Greek Myths starring our beasts made on the first day. Today, we created a wanted poster to try to find a hero!

The Olympics

The children have really enjoyed learning about the Olympics. They tried out some of the events before comparing the ancient games to the modern ones. The children were surprised to hear that they would complete naked! 

Holiday to Greece!


We explored the Greek islands by travelling on our plane across Europe. We had our wonderful pilot and co-pilot taking us on the journey whilst the attendants served us some lovely beverages. We then arrived at Athens where we had a look around. We saw ruins, ate ice cream and went to the beach. The children had a wonderful time and even wrote postcards home about their wonderful adventure.

Theseus and the Minotaur 

The first Ancient Greek myth that we have studied is Theseus and the Minotaur. After listening to the story we needed to consider if Theseus did the right thing by killing the Minotaur. As the people of Crete, we decided to put Theseus on trial and write a witness account of what we saw. As a majority, we decided that Theseus should not have killed the Minotaur as it was probably just hungry!