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Autumn 1



Hello and welcome back after the summer break. I hope everyone had a wonderful time. This half term we will be going on an adventure to Brazil where the children will discover the Amazon Rainforest. The children will explore various physical and human characteristics of Brazil. They will also have the opportunity to try food and drink from this part of the world. We will be ending our adventure by inviting parents and carers into school to make carnival masks and musical instruments with us. Keep an eye out for your invitation.

Zoo Lab


As part of our learning about the Amazon Rainforest, we were lucky enough to have Zoo Lab visit us. The children got to spend an hour and a half with an expert and her animals. We learnt about Gary, a giant African snail, who can choose his gender and recently lay about 300 eggs! We also got to hold a millipede, which had about 350 legs despite its name. After that, we learnt about Florence, a tarantula, with two fangs and lots of tiny hairs all over her body. No-one could believe it when we learnt that female tarantulas can live up to 27 years old, but males only live until about 4 years old. The boys in the class thought this was very unfair! Finally, we held an albino corn snake called Noodle who was 11 years old. Everyone loved the experience.

The Giant African Snail