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Autumn 1

Year 1

Year 1 are learning to print this half term. They kick started their learning with using every day objects like bubble wrap, cotton reels, sponges, string, bottle tops, cardboard, matchsticks and straws to print with. They used bright, bold colours to make a print.

Printing using every day objects

Next, they made their own printing block using cardboard and art straws. They used horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to create their design.

Making a printing block

We carefully covered the printing block with paint and made some repeat prints. We had to learn to apply just the right amount of paint and pressure so that the print didn't smudge. 




The children looked carefully at their faces in a mirror and drew their self portrait . They looked at the features of their faces and tried very hard to include any small details. Next they had to draw their portrait into printing ink to create a monoprint. They had to remember to work quickly but carefully so that the ink didn't dry out.

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about superheroes. They created their own superhero and thought about what he or she would look like. They had to think about what they would wear and what special powers they would have. From their drawings of their superheroes they had to design and create a superhero logo/badge that they could wear as part of their superhero costume. The children had lots of opportunities to test out their ideas before finally settling on their final design.

Next they had to transfer this design on to felt by drawing it very carefully and then cut out the relevant shapes and pin them together ready for them to start sewing! 

Year 3
Year 3 have begun to experiment with mark making this half term and their work is closely linked to the Stone Age. They have used charcoal, chalk and pastels in their powder form to recreate their interpretations of cave paintings found inside caves in France and Spain thousands of years ago. The children used their fingers, water and the ground up pigments to create drawings of animals and people.

Stone Henge silhouettes

Year 3 created a moonlit background using cool tones of blue. They painted in a circular direction and each time they had to add a little more blue paint to create different tones of blue. Next, they made Stone Henge using black paper. They were able to tear and cut the black paper to size and shape to create the stone slabs.

Year 5
Year 5 will be learning about Abstract Art this half term. They have begun to look at the work of Piet Mondrian who was a Dutch artist who worked with line, shape and colour. He created lots of compositions while listening to music. Here are some of our compositions:

Creating abstract compositions

Next the year 5 children created some abstract compositions using line, shape and colour but without the use of a ruler. They could choose whether they wanted to work to the edge of the paper or not. This was a much more free way of working.
Experimenting with Mondrian's style...

More abstract compositions

Year 5 have continued to learn about abstract art through the work of local artist, David Hockney. They looked at a piece of his work called 'The Other Side'. The children noticed the use of irregular shapes in his work, his bold use of colour and also how he uses line in lots of different ways to add texture to his paintings. Here are some of the children's compositions using irregular shapes, colour and line.

Remembrance poppies

Children from nursery to year 6 have been busy making poppies. Every child will be represented by a poppy as part of a whole school display in the main hall to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War.