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Autumn 1


This term we are investigating the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Here you can see our learning adventure as we travel through the time and learn all about how life has changed!


For other brilliant work, check out our fantastic work page!

A day in the Stone Age!

We investigated Stone Age Poo!! Ewww!!


I've put the recipe here as some children enjoyed it so much they wanted to make their own!

Stone Age Bread

To compare the Stone Age to the Modern Age, we made our own Stone Age bread using only flour and water!

We then wrote some brilliant instructions on how to make it.

After trying our bread, we wrote some fantastic evaluations about what we thought of the bread.



We have been looking at Stonehenge!


We've been on a virtual tour of Stonehenge and found out lots of interesting facts about the stones. We also made our very own version of Stonehenge using biscuits!


Using oil pastels and black paper, we created some beautiful sunset silhouettes of Stonehenge!



Continuing on from learning about Stonehenge, we have been learning about one myth which tells the story of it's creation. This myth is about giants who are dancing in a circle and then they get turned into stone!

We acted out this myth, and made some of our own giants!


We also wrote our very own myths about the creation of Stonehenge.



We learnt that in the Bronze age and Iron age, the people started to move out from caves and build their own houses and villages. These were called roundhouses. 

We used playdoh and art straws to build our very own roundhouses and we created our own village! 

Making the houses took a lot of planning, problem solving and resilience and 4EB worked so hard! If we were in the Bronze age I'm sure we'd have a brilliant village.