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Autumn 1

Current Learning


In a kingdom far away…

The books we are using throughout our adventure:

  • The Princess and The Wizard
  • The Queen’s Hat


This half term we are learning:

  • How to write a persuasive letter
  • How to write instructions when making potions and magic spells
  • About the current royal family, royal weddings and royal coronations
  • How to write a newspaper article
  • How to create a printing block when making stamps and coats of arms
  • About the features of a defensive castle and what they were used for
  • Where London is on a map and what some of its famous landmarks are
  • About ‘Buckingham Palace’ and what sort of people live and work there
  • About our own bodies focusing on specific parts and learning about our senses
  • How to write a character description
  • How to write a setting description
  • What number bonds facts are and how they can help us with maths
  • How to add and subtract numbers using a range of apparatus


The children will be:

  • Designing, building and evaluating their own castle- incorporating a moving element
  • Writing a wish list to their fairy godmother
  • Making their own stamps and shields
  • Making their own potions and watching the changes that occur when different ingredients are added
  • Making their own swords and crowns
  • Hot seating the princess during her kidnapping
  • Role playing the queens coronation day
  • Having their own royal street party/ afternoon tea
  • Baking cakes and buns for the princess’s birthday party


You can help your child by:

  • Listening to your child read on a regular basis and asking questions about the book
  • Practising the spellings in your child’s spelling book
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework
  • Encouraging your children to practise writing simple sentences using capital letters and full stops
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words

A Missing Princess!

This week the children found a missing person advert. The children worked out that it was a princess who has been kidnapped. The children recieved a phone call from the Queen and she described the person who had kidnapped her daughter.The children then wrote a character description when creating wanted posters to help the police catch the evil wizard. 



Talking to the Princess...

This week the children put on their imaginary hats and the pretended to travel to the wizards castle to speak to Princess Eliza. The children worked together to think of really good  questions that they would like to find out answers to about the princess and her capture. The children used these questions when hot seating the princess to gather information about her day to day duties as the wizards prisoner. The children used the princess's responses to write their own diary entries. 

Creating a potion to turn the wizard...

This week the children found a hidden recipe card tucked inside a newspaper. On the card it showed the children how to make a potion which would turn the wizard into stone. The children had to follow the instructions carefully to carry out a scientific experiment. They had to work scientifically by  observing closely to watch the changes that occurred throughout the experiment. We used words like ‘bubbling’ and ‘frothy’ when describing how the potion had changed. Later in the week, we wrote up the instructions in one of our writing lessons. 

Eliza's Escape!


This week the children found out that Princess Eliza had successfully escaped from the evil wizard and his castle and she was back home safe and sound. The children decided to would be a good ides to throw the Princess another birthday party with a happy ending. The children helped Eliza by writing invitations, baking cupcakes and writing recipes and for creating some super party decorations. 


To kick off our Science topic ‘Who Am I?’ the children spent time learning about the different parts of their body this week. As a class, we drew around a child on the floor and we labelled the different parts of the body that we knew. We impressed Miss Procter so much by labelling all of the basic body parts and by even mentioning some more complex parts such as the spine, hips, ribs, kidneys and heart.

Starting to build the wizard a new castle...


Over the last few weeks in DT, the children have been designing a new castle for the wizard. We decided as a class that we would include a moving part/element within the design. This part will be the drawbridge. The children thought about the materials they would need and they experimented with different methods that they could use. On Friday this week, we invited the children's parents in to help them to begin to create their designs and every child produced the base of the castle with a drawbridge that moved using bobbins and dowels. We had such good fun and it was lovely to see the children learning with their parents. Well done Year 1!

The Royal Family

This week the children learnt that Kings and Queens are not just in storybooks and that we actually have our very own Royal Family in England. The child learnt to identify, name and label members of the Royal Family and we talked briefly about their roles and responsibilities. 

A trip to London...

This week the children used their imaginations when boarding a London bus and going for a tour around the city. The children each received a ticket and they spent the afternoon sight-seeing around London. The children saw lots of famous landmarks such as Big Ben, London Bridge, The London Eye and London Zoo. They even waved at the Queen as they drove past Buckingham Palace. The children thought about what they could see and hear throughout their trip and they all had a super time!

A Setting Description of London...


This week in Science, the children have been comparing themselves to others. The children watched a video clip of the tallest man in the world and they then drew an outline of his body on the playground using chalks. The children each compared their self against him and discussed how they were similar and how they were different. The children also compared themselves to each other when lining up in height order. It was great to see who was the tallest and who was the shortest!

Queen Elizabeth 

This week the children have been learning lots of facts about Queen Elizabeth. The children first took part in a Burn2Learn when carrying out a fact hunt around the school grounds. Once the children had collected all of the information, they then had to categorise it under the correct heading. They discussed whether each fact related to the Queen’s appearance, role or family life. We learnt lots of new information which we used in our writing. Well done! 

Meeting Queen Elizabeth...

This week the children have be thinking about what they would ask the Queen if they ever had chance to meet her. The children came up will some brilliant questions and they practised asking these questions to Mrs Wilson as she pretending to be the Queen in a hot seating activity. The children later used these questions to help them when writing a letter to the Queen. 




This week in Science, the children have learnt about their senses. The children talked about each sense on their body and what each one is used for. We carried out experiments to see what it would be like without one of our senses and we found that building a tower of bricks without sight is very tricky. The children then spent some time focusing on the sense of smell. The children enjoyed exploring the different smells pots and they discussed each one of the smells and used some super words to describe them. Well done!


In RE this week the children have been learning about the religion Christianity. The children have learnt about what and who Christians believe in and they have learnt about the story of Jesus Christ.  They have learnt about the places that Christians worship and who their religious leaders may be. The children also had chance to look at the holy book called ‘The Bible’ and they got the chance to look at and hold some sacred objects. The children looked closely at a christening robe, a holy candle, the sacred cross and a chalice.

Catching Maleficent

The Evil Fairy

This week we received a letter from King Stephan explaining that the evil fairy Maleficent has put a curse on his daughter so that when she turns 18 she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. King Stephan asked us to help him hunt for the evil fairy and punish her. He has sent us photos of her in our school and we went on a hunt to find any clues that we could. We found lots of Maleficent's clothes and personal items and we spent time describing each item thinking about what it looked and felt like. We then used these objects to create a wanted poster to warn the good people and fairies of the kingdom to look out for this evil, cruel fairy. 


In Science this week we have been learning all out the sense of ‘taste’. We learnt that when we eat, the food rubs against our taste buds, which send messages to our brain to tell us what the taste is. We also learnt that taste relies on other senses like sight and smell; as without these senses the taste can seem different. We really enjoyed carrying out a taste test in small groups. We had to wear a blindfold and taste different foods and see if we could describe the taste and guess what the item of food was. We used words like ‘sweet, salty, bitter and sour’.  

Adding the finishing touches to the castles for the wizard...

Also this week have been adding the final parts to our castles and we have been using a collage technique to create a moat that runs underneath our drawbridge.  We have worked hard creating our castles for the wizard and we are ready to evaluate them next week. Well done!

Do you want to go to London?

Over the last few week we have been carrying out lots of research into the history of famous London landmarks and we have learnt lots of interesting facts about Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and London Bridge. We have used these facts to create some super facts files and to also create an interesting travel leaflet trying to encourage people to go and visit London.  

Printing with Mrs Webster

During our Art lessons with Mrs Webster we have been learning to print. We kick started their learning with using every day objects like bubble wrap, cotton reels, sponges, string, bottle tops, cardboard, matchsticks and straws to print with. We used bright, bold colours to make a print.


Printing using every day objects

Next, we made our own printing block using cardboard and art straws. We used horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to create our design.


Making a printing block

We carefully covered the printing block with paint and made some repeat prints. We had to learn to apply just the right amount of paint and pressure so that the print didn't smudge. 


Printing our own Royal Portraits-

Mono printing

We looked carefully at our faces in a mirror and drew our self portrait . We looked at the features of our faces and tried very hard to include any small details. Next we had to draw our portrait into printing ink to create a mono print. We had to remember to work quickly but carefully so that the ink didn't dry out. We created these beautiful portraits that are similar to what you might find on a stamp. 


This week we have been learning about the sense of sight. We learnt that in order to see objects we need light as our eyes are unable to work in pure darkness. We learnt that light is reflected off objects and travels in a straight line into our eye. We discussed how challenging simple tasks would be if we had no sight and we looked at how guide dogs help those people with no sight throughout their day to day lives. We then had a turn of playing the Kims game to test our memory on what our eyes can see and what they can’t.


In Science this week, we have learnt about the sense of hearing. We learnt that sound is made when something moves or vibrates. We also learnt that just like light having a source, there are sources of sound. The closer you are the source of sound the louder the source will appear as the sound doesn’t have far to travel. We had time to experiment how sound travels when playing a listening game. The game involved one person stood in the middle of the circle (blindfolded) and they had to guess which direction the sound source was coming from. We had lots of fun with this!

Our Own Royal Street Party