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Autumn 1

We will be looking at the changes over time in prehistoric Britain. We will explore how they lived and see how similar and different our lives are today. Follow us on our journey Through the Ages!




Making our time machines...

We made our own human timelines to find out when the Stone Age was...

Alive and Kicking - The Cave

We were fortunate enough to have Alive and Kicking come and visit us. They took us on an adventure back in time to the Stone Age. We became civilians of a Stone Age tribe and had to imagine what it was like to eat, drink and live like Stone Age people. We spent time in our own cave and heard a story about a Stone Age girl called Narla and her brother Gam and then were left with a cliff hanger as to what would happen next...

The Stone Age Boy - Drama

We have started reading The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. The story follows a young boy who finds himself taken back in time to the Stone Age. He has many adventures and overcomes many scary situations including being chased out of cave by a big grizzly bear! 


Here are some pictures of us acting out some scenes from the book...

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day in 3AO!

On Thursday 13th September, we celebrated the life and wonderful creations of Roald Dahl. We were able to dress as our favorite characters from his books and even had a special assembly all about him. We took part in a fun packed afternoon which included a variety of activities such as quizzes, drawing and writing tasks.

Building Stonehenge!

As part of our learning, we have been looking at Stonehenge and how and why it was built. On Thursday 27th September, our parents/guardians came into our class and helped us to build Stonehenge out of bourbon biscuits! The competition was really close but we had three winners who won some tasty sweets! Thank you and well done to everyone involved!

Giants of Stonehenge

Whilst learning about Stonehenge, we have read a legend about the dancing giants that froze and turned to stone and created Stonehenge.

 We have been pretending to be giants dancing at Salisbury Plain who have frozen into the huge stones! Have a look at our fun below...