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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

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Welcome back everyone to our 2nd half term of the year. We hope you have been able to look at some of the things we we up to during our Autumn Term1 'Groovy Greeks' topic.


This term, we are strapping ourselves in, making sure we have our space suits on and heading off to planets far, far away. With a heavy leaning to Star Wars, we are going to be writing some setting and character descriptions, along with designing our own planets and inhabitants who live on them. We shall also be designing our own vehicles to explore different planets and writing letters to aliens, explaining what life is like for us on Earth and asking them to tell us about their home.


We will also be discussing whether some of the famous characters from the Star Wars universe are good or bad, explaining our reasons why and also researching the actual planets in our own solar system.


We hope you enjoy what we will be up to on this page and hope the force will stay strong with you during this half term.

Creative Curriculum Day

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During our creative day, we spent the morning making these large images of characters from the Star Wars universe. Mr Robins helped us with the templates but we painted them in groups all on our own and had to find the characters in books to make sure we coloured them correctly. It was also a good time for some of us who haven't seen any of the films or read any of the books to discuss who they were.


We also began to make a famous spaceship from the Star Wars universe 'The Millennium Falcon out of paper plates. When we have finished them, we will add some images on here.

The Planet Jakku

We watched a video clip of a spacecraft flying across the planet Jakku. We watched closely to see what we could spot during the video. We then looked at some images of the same planet and began to label them with adjectives. We tried to include 2 adjectives so these will help us write some brilliant descriptive sentences that include expanded noun phrases.

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