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Year Three - Miss Brennan



I hope you have all had a brilliant summer and are ready to come back to school for an excellent new year in year 3. 


Miss Brennan and Mrs Brown are looking forward to our first half term with our new class. 

We have lots of interesting and exciting topics coming up in Autumn 1!

Parents, please do not hesitate to come and ask me anything and everything!


This year we will be taking the children on a learning adventure. 

Our learning adventure this half term will be taking ourselves all the way back to Ancient Greece. We will be looking at the importance of Greek Gods, Myths, Greek theatre and the way they lived. 


Our P.E sessions are Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, please can P.E kit be in school every week for these days.

Also, reading books, spelling and times table books need to be brought into school every Thursday.

Homework will be handed out every Friday to be completed for the following Thursday.


Looking forward to a fantastic year, keep checking the class page for lots of information and pictures of 3LB :)

Important dates for your diary: 


  • Tuesday - PE Kit 
  • Wednesday - PE Kit
  • Thursday - Book Bags  
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In 3LB we are looking at the Greek Myth, Pandora's Box. We will be basing most of our learning adventure around this Myth but also looking at other myths alongside this. 


Do you know any facts about Greek Myths? Why not complete some research at home?


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In Maths we will be looking at a variety of different topics. Why not complete some pre- learning research to answer some of these questions? 


Place value 


Can you count on and back in 100's from 0 to 1000?

Can you count on and back in 10's from 0 - 100?

Can you count on and back in 3's, 4's and  8's from 0 - 99?

Can you read and write all numbers to the value of 1000?




Do you know the term perimeter?

Do you know that the perimeter is the distance around the outside of any shape?

Can you measure accurately each side of a 2D shape?




Can you read information set out in a bar chart or pictogram?

Can you read information that has been set out within a table?

Can you present information on a pictogram or bar chart?


Addition and subtraction


Can you add rapidly any 2 single digit numbers?

Can subtract rapidly any 3 single digit numbers?

Can you add together mentally any single digit and any 3 digit number?

Can you subtract any 10's number from a 3 digit number?

Can you add together mentally any 100's number and any 3 digit number?


Column method 

Can you add 2 numbers with 3 digits together using column addition without exchange between ones and tens?

Can you add 3 numbers with 3 digits together using column addition, where the ones and tens when added make more than 10?

Can you add 3 numbers with 3 digits using column addition where the ones or tens make more than 10?


Picture 1
Picture 1

Forces and Magnets


In Science we will be looking at forces and magnets.


Can you name the poles of the magnet?

Can you think of any examples of the push and pull force?

What three metals are attracted to the magnet?

What items around your home are magnetic?

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