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Year Three - Miss Brennan



I hope you have all had a brilliant half term and have lots to tell me when you come back on Monday 20th February.


Miss Brennan and Mrs B are looking forward to another fantastic half term with 3LB. 

We have lots of interesting and exciting topics coming up in Spring 2!

Parents, please do not hesitate to come and ask me anything and everything!


This half term we will be learning lots of exciting facts about the Early Civilisations, Mountain ranges and functions of plants.


Our P.E sessions are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, please can P.E kit be in school every week for these days.

Also, reading books, spelling and times table books need to be brought into school every Thursday.

Homework will be handed out every Friday to be completed for the following Thursday.


Looking forward to a fantastic year, keep checking the class page for lots of information and pictures of 3LB :)

Important dates for your diary: 


  • Friday 2nd March - World Book Day 
  • Wednesday 8th March - Class photo day
  • Tuesday - Indoor PE Kit 
  • Thursday - Outdoor PE Kit and Book Bags  
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In 3LB we are continuing to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, looking at different text types such as letters and biographies. 


We will be looking closely at the Author Roald Dahl.

Do you know any facts about this author? Why not complete some research at home?


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In Maths we will be looking at a variety of different topics. Why not complete some pre- learning research to answer some of these questions? 


2D shapes 


Can you name any 2D shapes? 

Do you know how to use a compass to draw circles? 

How many sides does a triangle have? 

What is the difference between a square and a rectangle?


Addition and Subtraction 


What method do we use to add and subtract? 

What is an estimation?

What is the inverse operation of addition? 

What is the inverse operation of subtraction? 




Can you add a fraction with the same denominator?

Can you subtract a fraction with the same denominator? 

What is the top number of a fraction called?

What is the bottom number of a fraction called? 

What do two halves make?




How many degrees is a right angle?

How many degrees is a straight line? 

Can you recognise a right angle in a shape?

Where might you see a right angle around school or home?


Telling Time


Can you write any given time on an analogue and digital clock?

Can you convert a PM time to 24 hour? 

How many minutes past is quarter past?

How many minutes past is half past?

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Can you name any Ancient Civilisations? What civilisation have we already looked at in Topic? Hint: They found something very yummy!

York Chocolate Story


In addition to our classroom work about The Maya, an ancient civilisation in America, Year 3 had the opportunity to visit The Chocolate Story in York to widen our alreqady fantastic knowledge.

We attended a workshop where we had the chance to make their chocolate drink however it was far from the chocolate drink we love today.. Hot Chocolate. The Mayans enjoyed their chocolate drink cold, bitter and frothy with no sweetness. 3LB much preferred the chocolate drink we have today! After our workshop we were lucky enough to visit the chocolate factory where we learnt about the history of chocolate, famous chocolate brands and how chocolate is made today. We EVEN got to make our own chocolate lollies! Overall, on behalf of year 3 I can say we had an absolutely brilliant day!

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Plants and their functions


In Science we will be looking at plants and their functions.

Can you name the main parts of plant? 

Do you know what each part does for the plant? 

Can you name any plants? Why not have a look around your house and garden?

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