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Year Three - Miss Brennan



Welcome to Year 3. I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for an exciting first half term back! This year you will be transitioning into Key stage 2. Miss Brennan will be your class teacher. Also in our classroom we will have Miss Hubbard, Mrs Wordley and Miss cutler. You will have a brand new playground to play on and lots of other exciting changes! I cannot wait to see what brilliant work we are going to produce this year.


Our topic for this half term is "Through the ages" this is where we are going to look at the interesting way in which people used to live many years ago. We will be looking at the Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age. We are also going to be reading lots of lovely books that will help us understand what it was like to be around in those times.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to see me before or after school. If this is not possible you can also ring the school office.




Important Information

Monday and Wednesday - P.E Kit needs to be in school. This includes a plain white top, black shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers.


Thursday - Book bags need to be brought into school. Spelling test and time table test also take place on this day.


Friday - Reading book and homework will be sent home.