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World Book Day 2017

For World Book Day 2017 year 6 focussed on Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. The teachers all came dressed a grannies which was hilarious. We wrote recipes for disgusting soup creations following in the footsteps of Gangsta Granny's cabbage soup. We then designed new mobility scooters to help her get away quickly from the police after her heists.

Lots of us got dressed up in our favourite characters from stories and books and we had a fun-filled day.

Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes

Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 1
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 2
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 3
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 4
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 5
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 6
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 7
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 8
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 9
Our World Book Day 2017 Costumes 10

Gangsta Granny's Mobility Scooter Ideas

Gangsta Granny's Mobility Scooter Ideas 1

Welcome to our second Spring Term. Thank you for looking at our web blog again. 

The term began in dramatic fashion with a special Viking Day at school on just our first day back. We loved it, and learnt so much.

The day began with us learning abut where the Vikings came from and that they didn't actually have horns on their helmets! All those incorrect Viking costumes all over the world!

We then completed 3 different activities during the rest of the morning. One was looking at genuine Viking artefacts, one was completing a quiz where we had to find facts about them and the third activity was playing a traditional Viking board game that included a fox and some geese. There was a lot to take in but it was great fun.


After lunch we all met in the hall and our leader for the day showed us some genuine Viking weapons and some of us were fortunate enough to hold them and model some of the armour Viking warriors had to wear.


Then came the best bit of the day - Viking wrestling!! Yes, that's correct - wrestling.


Boys, then girls completed in pairs to see who was the Viking warrior champion. Each pair sat facing each other with toes touching. They then had to both hold a wooden stick and when told, had to pull away from each other. The winner was the person who kept hold of the stick and stayed upright. After narrowing it down to one boy and girl, there was the ultimate Clapgate Viking Warrior competition which was won by Tia in 6HT.


The teachers even had a go and Mr Robins came out as the winner, although he did go very red.


It was a great day and we learnt so much whilst having lots of fun.

Times Tables
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Each week we complete a times tables test, focusing on our own specific times table. To help us learn them, we chant tables together, learn the related division facts and also complete challenges.

The challenge above was linked to multiplication and division facts where we had to put a multiplication calculation, a repeated addition calculation and an array together. Obviously Mr Robins didn't give us the answers so we had to work those out too.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

We were really lucky to visit the cinema in Leeds as our new topic commenced. We watched the new Harry Potter spin off film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them which was spectacular.


As soon as we got back to school we wanted to do lots of follow up work. We all chose our favourite beats from the film and labelled them. This then helped us to write descriptions about them, using really good adjectives and sentence openers.


Here are just a couple of examples and images of us working.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Fantastic Beast Descriptions and Wanted Posters

Our Own Fantastic Beasts

After researching and describing creatures from the movie, we were then given the task of creating our own fantastic beasts. We chose images of real life animals and then altered them into our own wonderful beasts.

Following this we then made large paintings of them, wrote descriptions of them and were then allowed to make collages of them. We used all kinds of materials from the art room which ended up making a huge mess - but it was really fun!

Our Fantastic Beast Posters

Our Fantastic Beast Posters 1
Our Fantastic Beast Posters 2

Our Fantastic Beasts

Our Fantastic Beasts 1
Our Fantastic Beast Stories

Once we had created our own beasts, we wanted to put them into our own stories, so we used storyboards and story mind maps to help us plan and plot our ideas.

Over a few days we then wrote our own stories and once they were completed, we shared them with each other. This was really funny as most of the characters in our stories were ourselves.

Below are just 3 examples of them. We hope you like them.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

It's great to be back and it's lovely to welcome you all to year 6.


This new academic year is already promising to be fantastic. The children have come back to school with a superb attitude and have made an excellent start.


We will be working together in the mornings, focussing on maths, reading and writing. 

Below is a copy of our newsletter that tells you what we will be learning and working on during this first half term.


I have also included a copy of 6HT's newsletter that has important information, including dates and weekly routines that you can refer back to.


Keep coming back on here to see lots of examples of work, photos and perhaps even the odd video of what we will be getting up to.


My door is always open too if you would like to discuss anything.


Mr Robins

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
We were so excited when Mr Robins told us we were completing work based on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We thought it was just an excuse for Mr Robins to eat lots of chocolate, but we ended up completing so much work.

Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations

Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 1
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 2
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 3
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 4
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 5
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 6
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 7
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 8
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 9
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 10
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 11
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 12
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 13
Our Own Scrumptious Chocolate Creations 14

The images above show us making our own chocolate bar designs. As an introduction to the text, we had to think of as many chocolate bars and sweets as we could.  Following this we had to decide which we liked the most and why. Mr Robins then brought our favourites into class and we looked at the designs of the packaging.

Sir then asked us to invent our own chocolate bar and gave us lots of ingredients we could include. This was fun as we had to taste them to see which would go well together.

After that we made our creations and wrote down step by step instructions for anyone else who would like to have a go.

We were allowed to take them home and share our creations with our families and friends.

Below are some images of our creations and an example of the instructions we wrote.

Picture 1
Maths Investigation for the Prime Minister

During a maths lesson, a very important looking parcel was delivered into the room. It had a crest on the top and was sealed shut. Some of us carefully opened it and was astonished to discover lots of packets of sweets, along with a letter addressed to 6AR.

Mr Robins carefully opened the letter and read it to us. It was from the Prime Minister, asking for our help! There is a copy of the letter above if you would like to read it.

We accepted the challenge and set to work straight away, sorting all the different types of sweets into piles of different types. Each group worked out the different fraction amounts of each type of sweet in each bag. We were quite shocked with our findings and discovered there was not a fair amount of each sweet.

Some of us were also able to find some equivalent fractions and reduce them.


For our homework, we then drafted response letters to the Prime Minister, telling her our findings.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Wonka Writing Examples

Below are some examples of work we put on display both inside and outside the classroom. This includes a 1st person recount as Charlie on the day he found the golden ticket and a new chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that we created after read the book. We imagined what could have happened if the children had entered one of the rooms they sailed past whilst on the chocolate river - with some very funny results!


The images also show examples of work, including character profiles in the style of wanted posters, descriptions of Willy Wonka himself and writing explaining why we love our favourite chocolate bars so much.


Our first text of the year was William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. We loved reading the play and thinking about the different emotions of the lead characters.

The images below show examples of the role play we did in class and it was great fun acting out those emotions. 

Macbeth Role Play

Macbeth Role Play 1
Macbeth Role Play 2
Macbeth Role Play 3
Macbeth Role Play 4

Having spent time creating our own versions of the play, we then each took the role of Macbeth himself and were asked to give a recount of the night where he murdered the king. Other children in class were invited to ask us questions about the evening and this helped us understand what must have been going through his mind.


This then helped us to write detailed recounts of that fateful night.

Our Macbeth Display

Our Macbeth Display 1

Maths is Fun!

Maths is Fun! 1 Learning co-ordinates through playing battleships.
Maths is Fun! 2 Sophie and Nathan trying to to sink each other.
Maths is Fun! 3 John and Matilda using co-ordinates well.
Maths is Fun! 4 Devyn learning bonds to 10.
Maths is Fun! 5 Devyn understanding perimeter.