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Year One - Mrs Plante

Welcome to 1DP!


We will post weekly updates of everything the children have been doing and learning.




P.E. will be on Thursdays. Please can your child bring the correct P.E. kit with their name written in.

Bookbags need to come back on Thursdays to be changed for the following week. 


There's been an alien invasion at school! On Tuesday we found bits of a spaceship on the playing field and it looks like the alien has gone missing from inside! Since then, we've seen lots of spaceships flying over, looking for their friend, but we've not managed to get their attention. We've had a think about how to care for our alien, in case we manage to find him.

Spaceship crash

Spaceship crash 1
Spaceship crash 2
Spaceship crash 3
Spaceship crash 4
Spaceship crash 5
Spaceship crash 6
Spaceship crash 7
Spaceship crash 8
Spaceship crash 9
Spaceship crash 10
Spaceship crash 11
Spaceship crash 12

Today some of the children went up to the allotment to harvest the plants and vegetables from last year. WOW! We dug up so many potatoes, onions, and spring onions, and there was a ginormous sunflower!

The children enjoyed trying our raspberries and parsley too!


Allotment 1
Allotment 2
Allotment 3
Allotment 4
Allotment 5
Allotment 6
Allotment 7
Allotment 8
Allotment 9
Allotment 10
Allotment 11