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Year Five - Miss Bevan

Welcome back everyone! We hope that the children are ready for an action- packed half term. I am really excited for the term ahead and have many exciting activities planned around our topic about the ancient civilisation of Maya.

Miss Pettman will teach the class every Monday and I will be teaching the class for the rest of the week. Mrs Dockray will also be supporting the class and we are lucky to have a student teacher joining us throughout the year.

Picture 1 Sketching the outline of the Mayan lands.
Picture 2 Beginning to build a 3D map of the Mayan lands.
Picture 3 Drawing Mayan hieroglyphs.
Picture 4 Drawing Mayan hieroglyphs.
Picture 5 Listening to our visitors play skiffle music.
Picture 6 Making drums and a class double bass.
Picture 7 Enjoying skiffle music.
Picture 8 Joining in with our drums.