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Year 6

6LJ Dance

6LJ Dance 1
6LJ Dance 2
6LJ Dance 3
6LJ Dance 4
6LJ Dance 5
6LJ Dance 6
In 6LJ we have been learning to move in time to music. We started by warming up and having fun as our heart rates increased. Next, we worked in groups to develop our own routine using levels. 


6NW-Dance  1
6NW-Dance  2
6NW-Dance  3
6NW-Dance  4
6NW-Dance  5
6NW-Dance  6

In 6NW we have been learning how to move our bodies in rhythm to a piece of music. First of all we listened the music and as a class moved around to the rhythm of the music. We then worked together in small groups to form our own dance routine.