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Year 6

We are learning about the Anglo Saxons. So far we have found out that England was broken up into different counties that were ruled by different kings. We created a timeline to show the range of kings who ruled the different parts of England.


We have also studied life in Anglo Saxon villages. Then using what we found out we created our own designs of Anglo Saxon villages. We will be using our designs to create a model version of a medieval village. Visit the page soon to see them!  

6LJ Anglo-Saxons


In 6LJ, we've really enjoyed learning about the history of the Anglo-Saxons by making a human timeline to place this period of history in context. We then ordered images into a timeline in our books. As well as this, we've learnt about Anglo-Saxon villages and what features they had. We're currently working on our model villages.

Year 6 were lucky enough to experience a free trip to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds where we enjoyed two workshops. In the first workshop, 6LJ were archaeologists and they had to discover artefacts and deduce why they had been found buried together. Following this, the children took part in a dramatisation of Beowulf and learnt about the helmets the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings wore.