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Year 5

In year 5 this half term, our PSHE topic has been 'Identity, Society and Equality', where we have been embedding it into our topic of the Amazon Rainforest and Brazil. 5MB have been discussing what Identity is and how it differs all over the world based on what we consider important, and our daily lives. We compares our own identity to those of a tribe in the Amazon, specifically the Eagle tribe, through our Alive and Kicking drama workshop. We then created our own society of rules and beliefs and discussed how all societies use this model. 

Finally, we used our class text 'Journey to the River Sea' and more specifically the Carters, as a case study of ignorant people who are prejudiced and biased. We then looked at how they treat the local people who work around them unfairly and how we could have been better, being more equal and understanding. Below are some pictures of both of these experiences.