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Year 4

This half term we met Egbert the owl. He will be working with both year 4 classes to give us knowledge about different religions. 


4CJ thought about all of our favourite foods. We have discussed the Kashrut law and how people of Jewish religion can only eat certain foods. We thought about how we would feel about not being able to eat our favourite foods. Many were shocked! We went on to talk about the story of Moses and that this is the reason Jewish people respect God's choices and they follow the Kashrut law. 4CJ showed respect for the choices of the Jewish people. 

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We have also been looking at Judaism in 4EB. We looked at which foods were Kosher and how we would feel if we could only eat certain foods. 4EB were very respectful of the Jewish faith. We discussed how we wouldn't mind only eating certain foods as we would feel grateful for any food we had and being able to share the food with family.