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Year 4

This half term, Year 4 are learning about states of matter. In our first week back, we discussed how liquids flow and the processes of the water cycle. This week, we thought about how the flow of water caused floods during the Shang Dynasty. The Chinese people, from this early civilisation, created the first irrigation system and we tried to make our own. 

In 4EB, we've read a story about the first king of the Shang Dynasty, who was called King Tang. In the story, we learnt that there was a drought and lots of people couldn't grow their crops and became poor. They were so poor they had to sell their children!

We know that water is something very important, and so we've started to look at the water cycle. We had a go and pretending to be the sea, and we got warmed up by the sun and evaporated. As we rose higher, we got colder and condensed into a cloud. The wind blew us over the land, and we started to fall from the cloud as rain! 

Once the rain was back in the sea, the sun heated the sea up again and they cycle carried on!

In year 4, we've continued to look at the water cycle, and we're experimenting to see if we can create our own!

We've planted some seeds and watered them, and then covered them with cling film. Hopefully our plants will still grow! Read the instructions if you would like to make your own!