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Year 3

3LB - Our bodies


In science, year 3 have been looking at “Keeping Healthy”. We have been looking at our Skeleton. We were able to label the skeleton accurately and discuss what each bone’s use was. The children were really good at identifying that some of our bones were to protect our organs. The children then looked at how we keep our bones healthy, what would happen if we didn’t have any bones and what unhealthy lifestyles can do to our skeleton so that it isn’t as safe as it should be.


The children then looked at how we can have a healthy lifestyle. We particularly looked at what it meant to have a balanced diet. The children were extremely good at identifying which food goes into which food group! The children understood the reasoning behind each group being different sizes and the impact each food group has on our body. Once they looked at all the different foods, 3LB designed a healthy meal making sure they had enough of each food group on their plate.  

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3LB - Our Bodies 


In science this week we have been looking at how much sugar there is in products. We looked at a variety of food that the children would probably eat such as cookies, marsh mellows, baked beans, Jelly beans, Orange juice and a chocolate bar. As a class we looked at the packaging to check how much sugar was in the food. We then weighed out the sugar and placed in a plastic bag so that the children could see how much sugar there was. They were absolutely amazed and disgusted about how much sugar was in most of the food. We talked about why it is important to restrict the amount of sugar we ate and what it can do to our bodies. The children said that they were going to be a lot more careful about how much they ate in the future. 

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3AO - Healthy Eating and the Human Body


In 3AO, we have been learning about how to eat healthy and what a balanced diet is. We have mad our own Eat Well plates and discussed what different foods we need to eat and how often. We have measured out the sugar that is found in some of our favourite treats and the results were very surprising! We then used all of this knowledge to make a Health Eating Leaflet to advise other children on how they can stay healthy!


We have also been looking at the Human Body and how it is made up. We have labelled our own skeleton diagrams and now know the names for lots of parts of our bodies. The children could explain why we need bones and how to keep their bones healthy and strong!



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