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Year 3

3AO Chocolate Making

As part of our 'The Chocolate Story' topic we were able to design and make our own chocolate bars. Using our knowledge from our trip to the York Chocolate Story we discussed in pairs and then created our own unique chocolate bar flavour. We sketched these out on paper and labelled them.


We then did some research about the design process of chocolate and were able to complete a timeline of the cocoa bean right through to chocolate as we know it.


When it came to making our products we had to think about how to ensure our food was safe and hygienic to eat. We did this buy washing our hands before touching the food, tying up long hair, wearing an apron and making sure all utensils and surfaces were kept clean and tidy.


After we had made our chocolates we created a packaging for them to be sold in. We thought about the logo, slogans and images we wanted to use to make our chocolates stand out!


We then sold the chocolates at the Christmas Fair as part of our Y3 Enterprise. Well done to all the children who created fantastic chocolate masterpieces!

5LB - Making chocolate bars




The children were told that due to our topic of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' we were going to be making our own chocolate bars for the Christmas fair. First we had to research how chocolate was made, how it has improved over time and what ingredients are included to make it taste so yummy! The children completed some internet research but also they tasted some chocolate so that they could work out which they wanted to use in their own chocolate bar. The children had to smell, feel, taste and evaluate the chocolate. They even got to taste Chilli chocolate (which was revolting!). The children then used this information to design their chocolate bar.




The children then drew their chocolate bar into the shape they wanted. We discussed different ingredients you may add to a chocolate bar to make it even better. We also discussed what ingredients wouldn't work well together and why. Knowing this, the children picked their flavor chocolate and two more ingredients. The children then drew their chocolate bars in the shape they wanted and how the ingredients would be dispersed. They then labelled with appropriate ingredients.




Whilst we were selling our sweets at the Christmas fair we asked the customers what they liked about the chocolate and what they would change. This then helped the children to evaluate their chocolate and discuss what went well, what they would change and how they would improve it. The children really enjoyed making their chocolate bars and we raised a lot of money for our classroom!

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